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AM PM Workouts with John Basedow

From the Fitness Made Simple series with John Basedow. The AM PM Workouts with John Basedow have several different programs on this DVD, ten to fifteen minutes each. One to be done in the morning and one in the afternoon, AM / PM. There are versions with weights and without weights.

If you only have a few minutes in the morning, it could be okay for a short workout as soon as you wake up. You need some dumbbells, a regular barbell and a bench that will incline. The setting is a very small room with John as the only person in the video talking as he’s working out, showing the routines and counting the reps.

As John is demonstrating the routines, he throws in a short sales pitch for his other DVDs. It’s not distracting and you really do need something besides this 10 to 15 minutes twice a day if you really want to lose weight or gain strength. None of the workouts include cardio routines so you should find something to augment this video workout.

For such basic routines, you need to have not only dumbbells, but a bench. If you’re really serious about weightlifting you probably have a bench, but if you’re really serious about weightlifting you probably don’t need this video.

The non weight routines in AM PM Workouts have a couple different versions of push-ups, chair dips and the normal exercises you would expect.

There’s some background music but it’s dull and monotonous, the focus is on John’s talking which is good. This looks like it’s done in someone’s really nice home. John’s other DVDs and pictures of himself are usually in the background. After every routine John does a costume change, but the music stays the same.

This might be good for someone just starting out, it’s basic and simple and once make these AM PM workouts part of your daily schedule you’re going to want more. Whether it’s John Basedow’s other fitness DVDs or someone else’s, this DVD is a good starting point.