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Review of Body Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym

If you are fed up with the cost of membership to a fitness center and still need to keep up with your fitness program then you are reading the right article. The Body Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym is just the ideal product for you. It is a decent home gym with an excellent quality, tough and durable fitness equipment. It helps improve your health as well as body shape. It provides maximum workout level at the least amount of available space. The machine is not a bogus one as it just fits into a small corner of your room. It is a multi-purpose machine and up to 3 persons can work out simultaneously on the machine selecting from a wide options of workouts.

Body Solid Double Stack Home Gym can easily improve your physique in a very short amount of time as long as you are consistent with your routine exercise. The dual weight stack system enables 3 persons to use the equipment simultaneously and the maximum weight resistance of the gadget is 420lbs. this equipment is ideal for those who need extra-large muscle on them. Also with the multi-function press arm station, bench press is provided. Incline press, shoulder press and chest supportable midrow exercises are most of the options available on this unit. Deep muscle penetration can be achieved with the fully-adjustable perfect pec station. The pads are thick, durable and contoured for lumbar support. Weight selection is easily done as both weight stacks are within the reach of the user.


• Impressive strength training exercises for up to 3 simultaneous users

• Comes in compact space-saving design

• Multi-functional which provides bench press, shoulder press, supportive mid-row exercises

• Fully adjustable with range limiters allows achievement of deep muscle penetration.

• Thick and durable durafilms pads contoured for lumbar support

• Weight stacks are within easy reach for quick precise and safe weight selection

• Non-slip rubber-encased foot plate

• Comes with manufacturer’s warranty

• Measures about 73 X 83 X 91 inches (W X H X D)

Product Overview

For many years, Body-Solid has been a popular name in the country for its award winning and unique resistance rod home gyms. The Body Solid EXM3000LPS features a compact design and modern stylish appeal. In addition to this, it also features exceptional power rods for up to 210 pounds resistance.

In fact, the company also provides you with the options of purchasing extra rods. These can offer 100 pounds more resistance.

Key Benefits

  • The most important benefit of this home gym is that it relies on resistance rods.
  • It does not focus on free weights. This is a very practical strategy when you are suffering from joint pain. While performing exercises, you won’t have to worry about any injuries related to dropping weights.
  • Thus, it’s ideal for your cardio and strength training workouts.
  • Overall, this home gym receives numerous positive reviews on the Internet for smooth operation and high quality construction.
  • It’s quite different from other home gyms because of some additional features, such as leg extension, vertical bench press and more.
  • With the versatility offered through the Body Solid EXM3000LPS, you can perform a wide range of strength training exercises, and create even more workouts to improve your fitness.
  • You can even adjust the settings of the machine to meet the needs of different family members. The machine can accommodate a wide range of weights and heights.
  • As expected from such a reputed company in the business, the construction materials are very durable. According to almost every review, you can use this equipment without experiencing any problems for years. Even when you buy a replacement rod, the company sends additional rods to replace the ones on both sides. This offers even resistance levels.
  • The Body Solid EXM3000LPS has quickly become a popular fitness and exercise equipment because of its variable level resistance and exceptional design. Since you can perform a wide range of exercises, this equipment works on several areas of your body.
  • Within a short period of time, you will enjoy a full body workout. The low price of the product makes it even more special.

Couple Drawbacks

It’s worth mentioning that the Body Solid EXM3000LPS contains many different small parts and resistance rods. Thus, it can take some time to set up the equipment. Before you experience good workouts, you will have to get used to the machine. But when you overcome these minor drawbacks, you will have a great experience.

Who Is It Best For?

For as many of you that desire to work out along with your friends, this is the best option for you as it would effortlessly accommodate you and 2 other person with its impressive strength and massive array of options to choose from. This machine has no age limitation so it can be used by both young and old. The maximum weight resistance of 420lbs is just ideal for those who want to build deep muscles and abs. You would just find this exquisite piece of equipment amazing.

Pros And Cons:

This home gym has a massive 240lb weight selection range which erases the worry of possible upgrade in future. It is also perfect for a couple or family as there would be no need to wait till your partner finishes before you do your workout. Changing the weight is quite easy so no need to stop before changing the resistance. The only con I could see on this gym is the time needed to assemble it as you’ll need a little more than a day due to its complex nature but if you are technically sound, assembling it in less than 24 hours is possible. In general, once you go past the placement of some screws and bolts, the rest would just fall in place.

Is The Body Solid EXM3000LPS A Good Fit For You?

The Body Solid Double Stack Home Gym EXM3000LPS is definitely worth your consideration with its flexibility and excellent quality that matches no other work out station in its category. It is perfect for a family so no need for any delay as 3 members can use it simultaneously.

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