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Body Solid EXM4000S Triple Stack Home Gym

body solid exm4000sFor anybody who has read through other reviews on our website, you will have no doubt seen other Body Solid products along your way. These include the EXM1500S and the EXM2500S, which are the baby siblings of the Body Solid EXM4000S.

Both of the Body Solid home gyms mentioned in the paragraph above have received great reviews from us due to their multitude of awesome features.

Can this home gym live up to it’s predecessors?


  • Up to three users can use the Body Solid EXM4000S at the same time
  • Bench press with “kick-assist” lever
  • Hydraulic adjusting seats pads
  • Heavy duty 2×4″ frame
  • Articulating handles
  • Limited lifetime warranty


You will be happy to know that the good far outweighs the bad in this instance. The unit itself is built really solidly using a 2″ x 4″ metal frame which actually provides a good amount of rigidity. Often especially at the lower end of the price brackets you can get a lot of twist in the frames, after all there is a significant amount of weight pushing and pulling against it many, many times.

There is a good variety of exercises that you can perform on the Body Solid EXM4000S. These include but are not limited to: Chest press, shoulder press, triceps press down, lat pull down, chest supported rows, cable rows, upright rows, shrugs, and many more.

Rather than having just one weight stack like many other home gyms, the Body Solid EXM4000S has three. Each weight stack is comprised of 210lbs of Alloy Steel. A nice touch is that the bushing of each weight plate is over sized to provide a ‘cushion’ which helps to reduce noise. It’s never nice when you’re banging and clattering the weights together on every rep!


The size of the Body Solid EXM4000S is going to be a point of contention here. Either it’s going to be right or wrong for you, if you have loads of space and a few people in your household who are going to be using the home gym then you may be thinking, great the bigger the better! Whereas if you are tight on space or on your own it may prove unnecessarily large.

There are other home gyms on the market which are far better suited to individuals, for instance the Body Solid G8I. It’s far more compact and offer a lot of the features that the Body Solid EXM4000S does.

However if there’s a few of you, you can’t go far wrong with the EXM4000S home gym.

As far as negatives go there really isn’t much more to say here, if you want your home gym kitted out with commercial grade equipment it’s job done.



The Chest press is something that is a staple of all home gyms, but there’s a very distinct line between a good one and a bad one. Some home gyms may have just the arms which you are going to push away from your chest. However at a certain weight you will really struggle to get the arms moving at all. Unlike the traditional free weight bench press which begins with arms fully extended and locked out, the chest press begins at the bottom of the movement (touching the chest.)

Moving a weight from a dead stop is always more difficult because there is no momentum behind the movement and you must break inertia before you can lift the weight.

A good chest press will have a ‘kick-assist’ lever, this allows you to move the arms with your legs (which are a much larger, more powerful muscle group) so that you begin the movement part way through the rep. This will require less effort to begin the movement, yet it allows you to return on the negative portion of the rep to a deep stretch in full range of motion.

Here is a video by LIVESTRONG showing exactly how to use a chest press for the best results, it’s a really informative video so we highly suggest that you check it out.


The ‘Perfect Pec’ station, has quite a few different settings which allows you to use different starting positions. The idea being that you can get optimal comfort within a bio-mechanically strong position. We are not sure if this really means anything though, it’s another staple feature that many home gyms have but there’s nothing special about this one as such. It work just as well as any other. Perhaps if you are very tall or very short it may provide some added benefit but other than that it’s much of a muchness.


These include the triceps press down station which comes with a v-bar attachment, the chest supported row station which has an adjustable pad which can accommodate anybody of any size. The low pulley station which rotates on an axis providing an easily path for the cable to travel through which performing things like bicep curls where you it may not be comfortable to stand directly in front of the pulley. If the pulley was fixed you would find that the cable either snags every now and again or worse still jumps out of the groove on the pulley which will stop your set dead, which can be highly frustrating.


Finally the Ab crunch station, this feature is exactly the same as on the other models in the Body Solid EXM series such as the EXM1500S and the EXM2500S.


The bottom line with the Body Solid EXM4000S is that really it’s only suitable for you if you have a tonne of space and have a requirement for some commercial grade equipment. It’s very large and heavy duty, but maybe that’s what you want! Up to three people can use this home gym at the same time, so it’s great for families and groups.
It’s packed with high quality features and nice little touches to make everything smooth and simple.
Obviously it’s not cheap but if you want something of this size with the capability the EXM4000S has, you had better be prepared to lay down the big bucks!

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