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Body Solid G8I ISO Flex – Get Better Muscle Activation and Better Gains

We are really excited to be reviewing the Body Solid G8I today because it is in short, brilliant.

Normally we wouldn’t be so direct in our reviews, but here we are making an exception. This is largely down to the fact that the Body Solid G8I ticks all the boxes for us.

It’s features are revolutionary and fantastically designed both in a practical sense but also a in their usability.

So lets take a look at why the Body Solid G8I knocked out socks off…

Features and Benefites

  • 3D Independent arms – the closest thing to free weight stabilization yet
  • Dual high pulley station
  • 210lb (95.25kg) weight stack
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Total body workout DVD included


The biggest thing about this home gym is the truly unique way Body Solid has approached the design of this equipment. Whether you realize it or not traditional home gyms are designed to add resistance to your exercises within a set motion path.

This in itself is not a bad thing, at all, however after a certain amount of time your body will adapt. You will get stronger in that specific movement and make some nice gains. Until you hit the dreaded ‘plateau’ where you can no longer make consistent progress withing that movement. Your only option is to switch to another exercise and get really strong at that too!

Still not seeing the problem?

Well eventually you are going to run out of exercises to perform on your home gym, there are after all only a certain number of variation possible.

This is where the Body Solid G8I ISO flex system has something that others do not!

Rather than being locked into a set path, the two arms operate in a 3-dimensional way. This allows you to move them through space in a your own range of motion. This works by a ‘bio-mechanically accurate pivot point’ which sounds incredibly technical which it is. All you really need to know is that not only are you going to get fantastic activation of your primary muscles used in your exercise. You also get the added benefit of working the stabilizing muscles which are often neglected on traditional home gyms.

This is something you would usually only get when working with free weights. Not only do you need to lift the weight from point A to point B, you also need to stop it traveling laterally.
Everybody know free weights are the ‘old school’ way to get fit, get big whatever your goal is. However a lot of people either don’t want to lift free weights, or work out alone. A machine proves a much safer option, and if you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym area, you can’t keep cramming more and more bars and weight plates in forever!

The flexibility of the 3D motion arms is impressive and you will find perform all sorts of popular movements a pleasure on the Body Solid G8I. From Chest presses, shoulder presses and pec flyes to even weight ab crunches and many more.


Again, another stroke of genius here, a dual pulley!

Not only does this improve stabilization of the bar as you pull it down, but it open up the Body Solid G8I to many more exercises. For example you have the ability to perform independent crossover to work either the inner chest when done in front of you, or even your outer back when perform behind you.

You could also use them for diverging pull-downs, this is where you use a single handle on each pulley allowing you to pull with one per arm. Effectively this represents the same difference dumbbells make as opposed to a barbell.

Another really nice features, is the ‘SmoothGlide bearing system’ which provides a silky smooth operation throughout the entire movement. Whilst only a small feature is does make the entire unit feel very professional and very expensive.


As you may have guessed by now, this like the other features so far is another well designed area.

Whilst a leg station in its very nature is somewhat limited in what you can do with it, this hasn’t stopped Body Solid developing it and evolving the idea.

One of the major problems with both leg curls and leg extensions is that as you reach the top/bottom respectively of the movement you lose all the tension you built up on the muscle. In an ideal world you would be able to maintain that tension throughout the entire movement which would result in far better muscle stimulation.

This is something which has been addressed in the design of the Body Solid G8I home gym. The integrated ‘CAM’ system allows you to essentially sit in a position which gives you more than your total range of motion, meaning that rather than hitting the bottom of the movement you instead finish part way through. This allows you to maintain muscular tension.


As with all Body Solid products you get a limited lifetime warranty which covers you against breakages, malfunction and manufacturer error of any kind.


The Body Solid G8I, is absolutely a top notch, professional home gym. It built like a tank, has the engineering of a German car, and when coupled with the revolutionary features it’s a sure fire winner.
If you are looking for something better than a budget home gym, then you really can’t go wrong here. You will have great workouts and will always be able to adapt the equipment to you styles rather than having to fit its style.
There really isn’t much more to say about it really. Don’t mess around, get yourself to the top of this page and check out the best price on the Body Solid G8I now.
It will be the last home gym you ever buy!

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