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A Review of the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym


It’s a coincidence that the Bowflex Revolution XP and Windows XP are both discontinued products, but both actually still work pretty well. In the case of the Bowflex Revolution, it actually works superbly, and with the price down the value for money it offers is head and shoulders above the rest.

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym was at one point a true top of the line product, and the features that made it somewhat expensive when it was first launched now makes the equipment truly tempting to buy. After all, this isn’t a piece of workout equipment that’s only meant for a handful of exercises. As any Bowflex Revolution review can tell you, it’s meant for a lot more.

Features Of The Bowflex Revolution

The Revolution XP offers the Spiraflex linear strength technology and articulating arms, along with 220 pounds of resistance which you can upgrade to 280 pounds. As long as you don’t weigh more than 300 pounds, you will be able to do the following exercises:

  • Chest exercises such as the bench press and the chest fly.
  • Shoulder exercises such as shoulder horizontal abduction, seated shoulder press, and crossover rear delt rows.
  • Back exercises like the various types of standing low back extension, the seated lat pulldowns, and the standing lat row alternating motion-low pulley.
  • Arm exercises like the triceps extension, seated biceps curl, and the resisted dip elbow extension.
  • Abdominal exercises such as the standing (resisted) abdominal crunch, standing oblique abdominal crunch, and the kneeling low to high trunk rotation.
  • Leg exercises such as the squat, leg extension, dead lift, and standing hip adduction.

There are actually 90 plus exercises you can do, especially with the optional lat tower. You can also get the optional AB Back Board, although back board already attached is quite good enough. Numerous exercises (even more than the ones mentioned here) are described in perfect detail in the manual, so if your purchase doesn’t include one then you can just Google it. You can also just Google the exercises to see how they look in action.

While you of course can design your own workout, beginners will appreciate the suggested workouts given here. You are given step by step instructions, starting from warming up to cooling down.


You can’t say that the Revolution XP doesn’t deliver, because it truly does. The manual is truly great, because it show you how to setup and use the Revolution properly. It lists numerous exercises, and then it gives you clear and precise instructions on what to do.

And with the Revolution, everything that needs to work will work. The design is truly brilliant, and there’s not really a lot of fuss. All the things you will need to adjust on the Revolution XP, you can do so right away. You can perform a seated chest press, for example. Then you can take off the seat easily, and then adjust the arms for a standing press. The design really allows you to seamlessly go from one exercise to another.

It is also very strong and stable. While there are a lot of moving parts, your safety is quite assured as long as you don’t do anything stupid. It’s not foolproof at all, so you really should read the warnings and heed them. When the manual says not to wear loose jewelry, they’re very serious.

Finally, while this is quite a durable machine, you also need to maintain it properly. Fortunately, it doesn’t need all that much maintenance. Just wipe off the damp areas every day, check the parts and the ropes and straps once a month for signs of wear, and every year you should take off the top cover and inspect the innards.


There aren’t really a lot of negative things to say about the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym. Of course, it may depend on your own particular experience. One negative Bowflex Revolution review, for example, whined about missing parts, but that’s not really fair. That’s the fault of the company you’re buying from and not the fault of Bowflex anymore. But once you get a Bowflex Revolution from a reliable seller, it’s a true steal.

If you are new to home gyms in general, then the annoying things you may complain about aren’t particular to the Revolution XP. For example, you may find that it occupies a rather considerable amount of space. But that’s true of all home gyms. In fact, the Revolution is better at this than others since it occupies less space. While the manual recommends a work space that’s 8 feet on each side, you can still make do with less space.

You will also have to assemble it. Again, there’s really no such thing as a home gym that’s delivered to your already fully assembled. You have to set it up yourself. And here the Revolution XP is again comparatively better. The instructions are quite clear, and the pictures and diagrams are truly helpful. If you find this stage difficult, you will have a much worse time with other home gyms.

Perhaps the only legitimate gripe you may make is that you will have to familiarize yourself with the equipment, and this can be much more difficult. After all, the Revolution XP is a rather intricate gadget, and the type of resistance is atypical. You will have to teach yourself how to adjust the Revolution properly—this will take time—and you need to know how to choose and deal with the weight.


All in all, the fact that this is a discontinued product may actually be a good thing. That’s because all the features that made it great are still right here. But now, the price should be a bit more affordable, and that pushes the bang for the buck value even higher. The Bowflex Revolution XP is built to last, and this is an investment that’s worth your time, effort and money.


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