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Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider 360 Review

Slimstrider 360 is a very original leg & cardio training machine for your own home. It works in a very unique way and is famous for being able to move in all directions. Unlike bikes and treadmills with simple linear movement possibilities, Slimstrider offers you a new, unique concept that is much more fun and possibly a better exercise.

Because of this unique ball joint design you can train your legs in ways you could only, inconveniently so, train at the gym. Multi-directional motion possibilities also allow you to make up your own unique exercises which can help you train your flexibility too! It’s a great tool that will fit short and tall, heavy-weights and light-weights all the same.

It’s a very simple machine that can be used as a fairly inexpensive substitute for treadmills and bikes should you want to try something new or train parts of your legs that can’t be trained with usual equipment. Also it is very healthy!

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

This machine can be purchased for about $200 which I can consider to be a pretty cheap alternative to other trainers of the same kind. For the price, the materials are surprisingly sturdy too. However, there was one person who reported some strange noise issues after using it for a while. Other than that, it is really sturdy and definitely not something that would break in foreseeable future.

The performance is smooth and silent for a multi-directional machine. Most of the people find it very stable, however there were a couple of reports saying it’s unstable. To make it simple, they misunderstood the machine or have not read its description before buying – it’s not a bike! The reason people are saying it is unstable is because it is a free-motion movement machine. It is BUILT that way so your muscles are being utilized when you are using it. You should not pay any attention to those comments whatsoever.

As for the ease of use, it is very easy to use, quick to assemble and it folds for easy storage which is just great! Cleaning too, is very simple because it doesn’t have any hard to reach parts or hard to clean materials. Although assembling is very easy for most of the users, instructions were said to not be of much use. Currently, you also receive a mat you can use to protect your floor from any possible damage.

P.S. It also has a couple wheels on the front so it is very easy to move!

Design & Comfort

The design is very simple and neat though it could use some work. It comes with a personal training computer that can calculate your reps, calories and workout time too. The not-so-good part is that there were some thicker-legged people who said that their legs would bump into the core pole while using the machine. Although it’s rarely the case and you would have to be an owner of short and wide legs, it is still a flaw in the design. But it shouldn’t prove to be a problem for most of the people.

Brenda DyGraf X Slimstrider 360 is otherwise very comfortable. It has padded handlebars and anti-slip pedals for added comfort.

Other Slimstrider 360 Reviews state to find some other issues with the design but I think it is well within the expected range for the price.


It doesn’t state how many exercises can be done with this machine but it does come with a workout DVD with 3 high-energy workouts to help you get started. In case you get tired of the same old exercises on the DVD I’m sure there are plenty of exercises you could think up to spice it up.

Unfortunately this machine doesn’t have any additional resistance so you will be stuck using your own body weight. It is not a huge problem but it might prove to be a little discouraging for people with advanced fitness levels.

Recommended User Weight

Surprisingly enough, Slimstrider can accommodate really big people. It can be used by anyone who is under 300 lbs what is really unexpected for the price.


Really cheap compared to similar trainers. It’s really sturdy and the performance is silent and smooth. For a multi-directional movement machine it’s really stable too! Easy to move, easy to clean, folds for easy storage. Slimstrider also has a training computer that does the basic calculations (reps, calories etc.). Very comfortable in general. Can accommodate people up to 300 lbs what’s honestly surprising for the price. Comes with a workout DVD and a floor protection mat.


Although rarely, big-legged shorter peoples thighs sometimes bump against or touch the construction. No additional resistance options. One person reported some noises after some time of use.


Definitely an awesome and unique alternative for treadmills and training bikes. Unique full leg workout utilizing usually untouched leg muscles and joints. Machine works great for both flexibility and cardio training. The price is very decent and it is surprisingly well made for the price. It has many pro’s and they surely outweigh the cons. It may not be a good choice for really short and big-legged people but it will work for everybody else. Simply an awesome new machine I would love to see replacing / alternating with the good old trainers.

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