Cannabis Flower- 6 Tips to Finding your Ideal Dose

Smoking is a common way of consuming cannabis. It offers instant results and is favorite among many. You’ll get different cannabis products in leading dispensaries. These may include bud, edibles, concentrates, and more. They come in attractive packaging, and the temptation to take more can be hard to resist. 

However, understanding proper dosage avoids overconsumption and adverse side effects. If shopping for cannabis flower, you may ask questions like, is this much? Can I take more servings for a better high? If you’re such a person, check out tips to guide you in determining the ideal dose.

1. Check for instructions on the packaging.

You’ll get cannabis flower in glass jars in most dispensaries. Check the packaging for instructions before consuming the product. Simple blunders can significantly impact the flavor, aromas, and dosage, leading to undesirable effects. If unsure how much to take, the budtender at the dispensary can assist.

2. Start small

Just like with other cannabis products, start with small doses. This helps when trying to figure out your best quantities. Also, monitor the effects and keep raising the amounts steadily. Take time before taking another dose, even when you feel that you want more servings. This way, you avoid overconsumption and the side effects of high dosages.

3. Choose a consumption method that you love.

You can smoke or vape weed flower and it’s advisable to choose a method you like. For instance, smoking and vaping make it easy to gauge the effects since results are almost instant. By choosing your favorite mode of consumption, it’ll be easy to measure quantities and the effects.

4. Pay attention to the effects.

How you feel after consuming cannabis flower is critical. It’s the best way to tell whether to increase your dosage or decrease it. This isn’t easy, though! Sometimes, it can be challenging to figure out the exact feeling, and it’s best to give yourself more time before consuming more. If the high is quite intense, reduce the doses or seek advice from a cannabis dispensary near you.

5. Prepare in advance!

Consume the product in a place where you feel comfortable. For instance, do you love movies? Does a bath help? The idea is to know where to turn for comfort and distraction after taking high doses. If touring Massachusetts, you may want to visit and experience the turner falls maBut, understand the cannabis laws in the state and avoid using cannabis in public.

6. Have CBD at hand

 CBD can help counteract the undesirable effects of THC. If you’re a beginner, you’ll likely overdose yourself, and this is normal. Have CBD to help reduce the psycho-activity if this happens. This can be a CBD tincture that you can get from accredited cannabis dispensaries.

The bottom line

 Finding the ideal cannabis dose can be a journey of trial and error. This is because we are all different, with varying levels of tolerance. However, the best trick is to start with small doses and keep monitoring the effects. This way, you’ll find it easier determining what works best for your needs.