Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – How CBD Helps in Dealing with It?

In the recent years, people have been experiencing numerous physical and mental health problems. The reason is lack of adequate rest and their chaotic lifestyle. CBD oil and products have appeared as salvation for many people. People experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome are finding relief with CBD products.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of neuropathy or nerve pain. It is the source of many uncomfortable symptoms affecting hands, fingers, and arms. Sadly, when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, there are not many therapies to aid it. Still, a few treatments are available to help patients ease their symptoms.

Recently, supplements such as marijuana and CBD oil are potentially beneficial for relieving nerve or neurological pain. CBD is effective for many problems and relieves many syndromes. It also effectively resolves many skin problems. As a result, CBD face cream is available on the market. It is also why people are browsing through Leanna Organics to check out and shop for different CBD products.

Leanna Organics is a top-tier CBD store in Westminster, CO, that offers natural handmade CBD products. They believe that non-addictive and natural CBD is the future of wellness and skincare. Now the question is what carpal tunnel syndrome is? How to get relief from it? Let’s investigate this issue in detail.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is the term that refers to the narrow passageway in a person’s wrist. Primarily, it allows the median nerve to move from the forearm to the hand. The nerve generally deals with the sensation and movement in the palm, thumb, and first three fingers. It might use pressure on the nerve causing strange feeling and pain if the carpal tunnel gets swollen.

Entrapment neuropathy is not directly caused by the nerves. It is the surrounding anatomy applying slight pressure on the middle nerve and bringing many different carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

How does CBD help in carpal tunnel syndrome?

CBD does not stick to cannabinoid receptors such as THC. Still, it has a powerful influence on the ECS.CBD seems to slow down the breakdown of endocannabinoids and boosts their effects. At the same time, CBD interacts with various physiological systems. For instance, CBD affects the family of TRPV receptors. These receptors have a crucial role in sensory perceptions like pain.

CBD also regulates the immune system enabling its potential anti-inflammatory effects. Studies show that CBD can effectively treat numerous inflammatory conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other than CBD, you can get relief in carpal tunnel syndrome by doing –

  • Hand and wrist exercise
  • Using cold packs to cope with heat and swelling
  • Wearing a wrist splint at night for four weeks
  • Using painkillers or over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Trying alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, or chiropractic treatments

There are numerous ways to get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.CBD is also one of them, but it is necessary to consult your physician if you wish to opt for CBD to alleviate your symptoms.