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Cellucor C4 Extreme – Nitric Oxide and Creatine Supplement Full Review

Cellucor C4 Extreme is one of the best pre-workout formula’s on the market today delivering a power packed punch of l-arginine vasodilation and creatine nitrate power you can’t go wrong here to be ready for an awesome workout. Cellucor came out with this product in 2011. They literally rocked the world in bodybuilding, competitive athletes and weekend warriors who wanted that extra edge to push their workouts hard for bigger gains.  This is a goto brand you can trust that has worked for years and is still be used by thousands today.

Let’s get going here to see why so many bodybuilding and fitness professionals have trusted C4 Extreme for so many years to blast past their personal goals!

Features of Cellucor C4 Extreme:

  • Increased focus and energy
  • New TeaCor for increased energy and last longer
  • Award winning brand
  • Unbelievable muscle pumps
  • Contains Beta Alanine for improved muscular endurance

How it works?

So, it really is pretty simple. You mix up the drink 20-30 minutes before you are ready to workout. This will give the pre-workout drink ingredients to kick in. You have B6 and B12 in there which naturally stimulate the body with energy and focus. There is Teacor which really is the kicker to the new C4 formula that helps the energy levels carry on longer than the previous C3 formula.  You add in a gram of creatine and now you have a serious pump being delivered to your muscles that combined with Beta Alanine will help you get in more reps and last longer.

Main Ingredients

c4 extreme ingredientsThere is 5 calories per scoop, 1 gram of carbs, 250mg of Vitamin C, 30mg of Niacin, Vitamin B6 500 mcg, Folic acid 250mcg, Vitamin B12 35 mcg, Calcium 27 mg, beta alanine 1.6g, Creatine Nitrate (NO3-T) 1g, Arginine AKG 1g and Caffeine 150mg.

What The Ingredients Do

C4 is designed to get you the energy you need to workout long and hard. You will notice the extra pump feeling from the creatine nitrate. With the addition of beta alanine you will notice that you can go longer in your workout as this supports muscular endurance.

Now this does have caffeine in it for a stimulant. You might consider taking a 2 week break after using this for 8 weeks straight so that you body does not build up a tolerance for it.

So, let’s break it down in detail to see what does what so you know what you are getting here.

NO3 is really what is making C4 so much better than previous versions. It a new compound that to create Creatine Nitrate.  This increases the nitric oxide and ATP levels in your body at the same time that opens up the blood pathways to your muscles delivering the ingredients that let help you get the last hard rep, do more sets and just workout longer period.  NO3 also helps intestinal absorption so that everything is digested properly and quickly.

Beta Alanine job is to help you fight fatigue by blocking the lactic acid that is generated during the long sets and reps you are doing.  You know how you get to that last few reps in bicep curls and they are burning while you are barely pulling up the last dumbbell rep? Well, this is where you will see a difference because beta Alanine will help your muscular endurance during sets like this to push through it easier.

Arginne AKG also helps to enlarge the blood pathways to your muscles much like N.O. does but also supports growth hormone and insulin secretion. Another ingredient responsible for that muscle pump!

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps raise energy levels, is more likely to stay in your system longer versus getting peed out quickly. 🙂 What’s really good about this is that is supports HGH release that gives you that awareness and mental alert feeling.

Mucuna Pruriens is what most people know it as the velvet bean. What is so important about this ingredient is an amino acid it contains called L-Dopa. It is an amino acid that transforms into dopamine that helps product human growth hormone which is great for building lean muscle.  Now Dopamine also converts into Norepinephrine inside your brain. This is super cool because it will help increase your metabolism, your energy levels and adrenaline in your body.

Methylcobalamin is a form of B12. Vitamin B12 helps produce fatty acids which is fat that is broken down which is then used for energy and burned off.

Caffeine – pretty self explanatory here. 🙂

Niacinamide also known as Niacin or Vitamin B-3. It helps to reduce muscle fatigue, joint mobility and muscle strength.

Folic Acid helps to rebuild your cells and repair them. As a water soluble B vitamin it also helps to promote a better mood and you get more energy from it.

Synephrine HCL is really similar to Ephedra that as a fat burning increasing your metabolism.

Serving Instructions

Cellucor suggest that you you take one serving or scoop with a glass of 4-6 ounces of water.  They recommend to give yourself 30 minutes prior to your workout to allow it to entering into your bloodstream and muscles.   It does have 150mg of caffeine in it. People react different to this amount of caffeine, so do once scoop first and see how the workout goes and how you react to it.  If that works then add another 4-6 ounces and another scoop.  It is definitely not recommend to do more than 2 servings a day.

Some of you will want to stack this with other products by cellucor so we need to go off their recommendations on not over doing it by stacking it with other c4 family products. It would be safe to go with their alpha amino and whey product.

Flavors available are: Fruit Punch, Icy Blue Razz, Watermelon, orange dreamsicle, pink lemonade, strawberry margarita, berry bomb and green apple.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews for C4. People definitely love the taste. It always comes up first and of course differs per taste.  People are coming into the workout pumped up. One guy talked about how he actually got through deadlifts, leg presses, bench press and up right rows all in the same workout with a ton of energy!

I loved this comment. He was a user of C3 so in trying C4 extreme he was disappointed the first time. He lost his energy 1.5 hours into the workout.  His next workout he took 1.5 servings and just knocked it out of the park. His comment was that it was his sweet spot and what he had grown to love about the Cellucor C3 and C4 product.

I did see comments about people talking that they would get a tingle or itchy feeling 20-30 minutes into it. This is to be expected of the amino acid Beta Alanine.  It is one of the downsides of it being in there but the trade off of it helping you go longer and harder people just get used to it and don’t consider it an issue.

Another guy uses it for his early 4:30am workouts. When he gets up he takes it right away so that by the time he gets to the gym he is wide awake ready to rock.


If you want to get focused, need a bolt of energy added to your workout to keep you focused and pumped throughout your workouts this is one product that people love and have used for years. Cellucor has been a leader with this product since 2011 and have made the C4 version of it’s product more potentate than ever.  Start out with a sample at your local store or go with the 30 serving tub to get started with.

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