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Fit Test for P90X

Am I ready for P90X?

They don’t say this in the infomercial, but P90X is not really for complete beginners or serious couch potatoes that want to start a program.

Aren’t sure you’re in shape for P90X? Maybe you should start with Power 90 or Power 90 Master Series. Bottom line is if you’re young ~20s or 30s and used to be in decent shape, you might be able to get away with starting with P90X. If it’s been awhile since you’ve done any serious exercising of any kind, it might be a good idea to set your sights on getting to the P90X starting level.

According to the P90X manual

We ask that you complete the equivalent of Power 90 or Slim in 6 before you begin”… “If you can’t do what is listed below, you’ll see better results by doing another exercise program before you take on P90X.”

I would agree. You can “keep pushing pause” on P90X, keep doing the modified, but to get the most out of the program without first killing yourself or worse getting disgusted and quitting or injuring yourself, you should at least be able to do:

  • 3 pull-ups if male, 1 pull-up if female. Many people can’t do any when they start, but you will get the most out of the program if you can at least do a couple then use a chair for assist and modified.
  • Vertical Leap 5 inches if male, 3 inches if female.
  • Push-ups 15 if male, 3 female or 15 on your knees if female. There are push-ups in almost every routine. You won’t be able to do Yoga if you can’t do push-ups. Push-ups are everywhere in this program, Tony LOVES push-ups! If you can’t do at ten start with Power 90 or Power 90 Master. Plenty of push-ups and plenty of time to get in shape to be able to attack P90X the right way.
  • The Heart Rate Maximizer part of the fitness test checks your max heart rate and how quickly you recover. The test is jumping jacks for 2 minutes at a quick pace. During the final 30 seconds go as fast as you can. Then measure your heart rate. If you can’t do jumping jacks for two minutes you don’t have a chance in the Cardio X or some of the other routines. Power 90 has cardio every other day and you start out easy and work your way to longer routines in Sweat 3-4 and 5-6.

Tony says he’s a big fan of the pause button, but if your hour workout becomes two hours, that’s a lot of time commitment not everyone can do. If you burn out during the warm up, the rest of the workout isn’t going to be any fun and you might give up too soon.

Here are a few ideas if you can’t do P90X (yet):

Power 90 In Home Boot Camp: Great place to start. I went from doing 3 push-ups to 20. Basic push-ups, dumbbell presses, curls, squats. Cardio that is called Sweat for a reason. P90 will get you up to the P90X minimum level so you can P90X without passing out or calling 911.

Power 90 Master Series: If you’re in decent shape but not quite at the P90X level, Power 90 Master was produced after P90X as a step in-between P0wer 90 and P90X. There are a lot of the same or similiar routines in Power 90 Master as P90X, no pull-ups, but plenty of push-ups of all kinds, cardio, yoga and core routines.

10 Minute Trainer: It’s not really publicized much but it will get you used to using the bands and cardio. The workouts don’t have to be over in ten minutes, if you have more time, do two or three for a great 30 minute workout.



Power 90 is a lifestyle. You’re not going to put away the DVDs after your 90 days. You’re going to want to keep “pushing play” and the more variety in your workout, the more you’ll enjoy doing it. Some people get tired of Tony’s goofiness, but turn down the sound, pump up the tunes. Or choose another program for your variety, either way, keep pushing play!

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