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Healthrider H90e Elliptical Review

Are you looking for a machine that will offer you the best home workout? If so then the Healthrider H90e is the best choice for more and beneficial home workouts. It will help you in the faster burning of the calories and toning of the muscles groups that are rarely subjected to workouts. Moreover, the machine can be folded to save space for your workout as well as it ensures outstanding motion. The Healthrider H90e is durable hence will save you the cost of repair or acquiring a new one. Here are the basic features of the Healthrider H90e.


  • Large Pedals
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Customer Service
  • Compact


  • Reliability

Resistance Levels

Magnetic resistance technology has been used in all the elliptical trainers. The Healthrider H90e elliptical machine offers more than 10 levels of the silent magnetic resistance which ensures there is lesser resistance mechanism that will result in silent and smooth strides during workouts.


The elliptical trainer has an amazing 7.5 inch display screen that is fitted with dual tracts to provide for an efficient multiple users set up. Moreover, the trainer has 13 features of the display feedback such that it can ascertain the heart rate, pulse rate and many others. It has foot plates that ensure you are comfortably set in the trainer and keeps track of your heart rate when you hold the pulse grips as you ride.

Pre-programmed workouts

The Healthrider H90e has 29 impressive pre-programed workouts which entail 20 personal trainer workouts that are adjustable depending on the type of workout, 1 quick start and recovery, 2 heart rate workout programs and 6 workouts that are customized by you. The elliptical trainer uses the Ifit technology and the machines heart rate workouts to adjust the resistance of the machine to fit your needs.

Incline Adjustment

The trainer has a 30 degree motorized ramp that uses the power ramp technology and its adjustable thus makes it efficient for your workouts. The incline guarantees you a higher calorific burn and exercise of variety of the muscle groups that would rarely be toned in some workouts.

Stride Length

The elliptical trainer is 18 strides long ramp but can be varied in order to give you the inclined stride you need. The stride line is adjustable so that you can target every part of your body muscle groups during workouts. Moreover, the adjustable strides length makes it suitable for every height either tall or short.


The Healthrider H90e is sold with a shorter warranty of less than 90 days on the parts of the trainer and labor. It is also available in optional warranty packages but they are sold separately. The shorter warranty creates a lot of concern.

Price and Value

The Healthrider H90e costs approximately $1500 because of its best quality and the excellent features. The higher the price means the elliptical trainer has the best features. When choosing the best elliptical trainer to purchase you are expected to ensure that its quality and feature has a better trade-off with the cost hence you will end up saving your money. Generally the Healthrider H90e is a great investment in your home for your body exercises which is very beneficial.

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