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HealthRider H95e Elliptical Review

The HealthRider H95e is an amazing mid-level elliptical trainer machine. The machine is built with special features that provide greater results to the users. The features include an iFit technology, motorized power ramp, convenient spacespacer design, and highly targeted workouts. The iFti allows you to such as a convenient SpaceSpacer design, intensity stride, highly targeted workouts, a motorized power ramp, and iFit technology. With this elliptical, you can draw a course with Google map or workout with the toughest American trainer, Jillian Michaels in real-life terrain workout. Health Rider H95e also comes with 10 performance workouts and 10 Toning workouts to choose from and the machine will automatically adjust the resistance to match your goal. You can actually walk, jog, or run though the miles Google have set for you.


  • Tension adjustment
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dependable
  • Large Pedals


  • Customer Service
  • LCD display

Resistance Levels

The healthRider has an integrated quick touch control to allow you to regulate the level of resistance and the incline while maintaining focus of your workout. The 16 Digital Resistance level adjusts quickly, silently, and smoothly with the help of Silent Magnetic Resistance. Adjustment of the incline and the resistance will automatically match the intensity of the terrain and your workout goals.


The display will track and time, speed, distance, calories burned and the pulse rate. It has the capability of showing numerous field information or a larger single display. The oversized Grafixx is the next generation of the LCD technology.

Pre-programmed workouts

These set of workouts include the 10 performance workouts and the 10 toning workouts. When you choose a specific workout you intend to focus on, the resistance control will quickly adjust the resistance to match your goal. Performance workouts are designed by a certified personal trainer to allow you push your limits and prepare you for what is coming. As you do your workouts, you can keep upbeat with the incorporated iPod for music.

Incline Adjustment

The incline is motorized and it modifies the shape of the strides and alters muscle group focus during workout. It allows the users to target the quads, glutes, and calves by working out at varied degrees, 10, 20, 30 degree inclines respectively. It offers adjustable Stride Length for changing the strides for better individual fit. The trainings for incline are associated with more rapid calorie expenditure as compared to the traditional elliptical training.

Stride Length

As for the stride length, the HealthRider H95e boasts of 18-20 adjustable stride. This is why this machine is can be used by people with varied heights as it allows each individual user target different muscle group. The stride length allows you to change your strides shape to a better fit and quick results. The 16 Digital Resistance Level Adjustable resistances regulate quickly the intensity of Adjustable stride.


The warranty life time frame is 1 year for parts and labor while the frame is covered for life. This is nice but not so impressive to the customers considering that other brands offer better warranty.

Price and Value

H95e costs $999 only making it one of the cheapest HealthRiders compared others elliptical of similar functionality. A machine of this model ranges between $1500-$2000. Remember, it has more natural range of motion and greater adjustability. It also has 16 levels of resistance as well as an adjustable length of 18-20 thus best for different body types. The components are also made of durable parts worth paying for. Honestly, I think this is very cheap.

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