HIFU: How Many Sessions Do You Need And How To See Best Result And More?

HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments are highly popular amongst women, given their efficacy in treating the symptoms of ageing skin. HIFU is vastly used to lift sagging skin both from the body and face, especially on the lower part of your face, the next and around the eyes. To penetrate through the skin surface, the treatment counts on ultrasound energy.

But that said, most interested individuals wonder HIFU how many shots to see results (hifu กี่ ช็ ถึง จะ เห็น ผล, which is the term in Thai) ? Let’s understand how much time it takes to witness the results of the treatment.

How Many Sessions Do You Need To Experience Good Results From HIFU?

The clients begin to experience the results of HIFY from the first session itself. However, based on the collagen production in the body and the particular skin condition, a client might need more than one session to notice the results. One should undergo a maintenance program every 6-12 months. You can opt for the Mini HIFU treatment within 2-3 months after undergoing the skin tightening HIFU treatment. This helps with muscle memory and skin texture both.

How Long Does It Take For HIFU To Show Results?

You might encounter little plumping after your first HIFU treatment. To those thinking HIFU how many shots to see the results; it is visible within 2-3 months. After the first treatment, the body continues its collagen regeneration for the next 6 months. We keep ageing every day, so it isn’t only sufficient to undergo the treatment. You would also have to pair it up with a maintenance program. You can also consider adding skin treatments in between the maintenance programs to improve your skin texture and minimize the fine lines.

For How Long Does HIFU Treatment Last?

The HIFU results can last for more than a year. It isn’t possible to say the actual time frame, given how the results might depend on the collagen production of an individual and their lifestyle factors. But it is for sure that HIFU treatment is a well-known solution to slow down your ageing process.

anybody who wishes to see a solution for their ageing skin can go for a HIFU treatment. And if you are worried about HIFU and how many shots to see the results, then you know the answer by now. The treatment is a proven method to bring out the healthy glow on your skin, that too without surgery. To determine how the treatment can benefit your skin, you can contact a dermatologist today.