Know About Different Types of Addictions and Their Treatment

Addiction is a complicated condition, but experts have gained a better grasp on how it works thanks to over a century of scientific investigation. This discovery has resulted in a significant shift in how we think about addiction: it is now defined as a brain disease, rather than a human failure or decision.

When most people consider addiction, they think of substance abuse, but it is not the only sort of addiction. According to research, chemical addictions are similar to compulsive behavior such as shopping or gambling.

Today, most experts tend to recognize 2 types of addiction as follows:

  • Chemical addiction. This will refer to addiction that is generally due to using certain substances use.
  • Behavioral addiction. This addiction will refer to compulsive behavior. These can be persistent and repeated behavior that someone may carry out even they know that they will not be benefitted from them anyway.

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Treatment for addiction is not the same for all. Treatments can also be different based on your specific requirements. You can select the treatment that is ideal for you depending on the substance that you are misusing, the degree of care you require, your unique mental health conditions, or your financial resources.

The following are a few addiction therapies mostly used that have helped people to achieve long-term sobriety.

  • Detoxification

Detoxification with the help of medical professionals can safely clear your body of alladdictive chemicals. This is advantageous because substance withdrawal can occasionally result in painful or even life-threatening bodily effects.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is an effective treatment option since it is used to address a variety of addictions, but will not be limited to food, alcohol, and any prescription drug addiction.

  • Rational emotive behavior therapy

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) may be able to assist you in recognizing and combating negative thoughts and feelings of self-defeat. The purpose of REBT will be to make you recognize that you have the ability to think rationally.

  • Contingency management

CM (Contingency Management) can be used for treating various addictions, like alcoholism, drug addiction, and cigarette addiction. CM therapy can offer you tangible rewards for all your beneficial conduct.

  • 12-step facilitation

Alcohol and substance misuse can be treated using 12-step facilitation treatment. It is a type of group therapy, which acknowledges that addiction has a variety of negative repercussions, including emotional, social,spiritual, and physical ones.

Acceptance is the first step in this style of therapy, followed by submission to a divine creator, and finally participation in regular group meetings.

  • Treatment with medication

When paired with behavioral therapy, medicines can play a crucial role in recovery. Certain drugs are used to help with cravings, mood, and addictive tendencies.

You don’t have to fight addiction alone if you or a close one is suffering from one. Speak with a medical expert. There are many treatments available to help you to overcome your addiction.