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The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine Review

Quite a lot of people have been pleasantly surprised by the excellent “bang for the buck” value of the Marcy Diamond Elite Home Gym. But the superb performance of the Marcy Diamond Elite should have been expected.


After all, the company launched by the fitness pioneer Walter Marcyan was founded on the principle of spreading the word about the benefits of living healthy and exercising regularly. The point of Marcy’s existence was to encourage the popularity of strength and fitness training, and the Diamond Elite firmly holds to that guiding principle.


Features of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine

If you’ve ever been to any regular gym, then you probably encountered lots of equipment for a very specific purpose. The Marcy Diamond Elite Home Gym is quite different. As the name suggests, this equipment isn’t for commercial gym use. It’s for home use. What’s more, it is extremely versatile and you are not limited to a handful of different exercises.

Its features include:

  • An “off the floor” base frame design (95 x 79 x 86 inches; 430 pounds ) that offers enhanced stability;
  • A dual action leg developer with a row/curl bar, 6 extra-large roller pads, and a pivot point for proper muscle isolation;
  • Safety stoppers and easily adjustable bar catches
  • Diamond plated non-slip foot brace which works well seated row exercises
  • Super smooth linear bearings along with machined steel guide rods for truly smooth movement;
  • 2″ x 2 3/4″ heavy duty tubular steel frame, which comes with a 7-degree angle  meant to accommodate the natural movements of your upper and lower body;
  • A durable powder coated finish;
  • 3.75″ nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings;
  • aircraft cable with 2000-lbs tensile strength;
  • Commercial grade pop pins adjustment;
  • Chrome striker plates and commercial grade bar and safety catches;
  • 6 Olympic plate storage pegs;
  • A full complement of accessories;
  • A quality multi-function bench, with preacher curl and leg developer.

There are some things which you need to keep in mind, however, so that you don’t have any kind of unrealistic expectations. First of all, once you receive this you’ll have to assemble it. That will take time, and on a few rare instances you may not get all the right pieces.

Then you will need a lot of space. This is to be expected, as we’re not talking about a set of adjustable dumbbells here. To be safe, you may want to designate about 50 square feet of your living space to this machine.

You will also need to buy separate Olympic weights. Again, this is pretty much SOP with free weight gyms, so it’s not really fair to complain about it. Finally, some parts (such as the chrome bars for the Smith bar and the rear cable weight) may squeak or catch, but a bit of lubrication will solve this quite nicely.



The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with linear bearings provides virtually everything it promises. Every major exercise can be performed with this machine. We’re not talking about a few dozen types of exercises here, mind you. You can probably do more than a hundred different types of exercises.

What’s more, you can do these exercises quite comfortably, and the design is very safe so that you won’t get injured. Add the ludicrously low price, and it’s a true steal. It even looks great, and you can put it in your living room without making your home look ugly.



There’s no such thing as a perfect machine, and the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with linear bearings is a good example of this truism. While overall the good outweighs the bad in this case, the “bad” can be really irritating. In fact, there is just the one major drawback.

The assembly process really sucks. There is no other word for it. There is no single customer review online which says that assembling the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is a piece of cake. It is most assuredly not. And that’s why even the manual that comes with the equipment will recommend that you get a friend to help you.

It’s not that the physical act of putting it all together is actually very complex or takes a lot of strength. On the contrary, the process is actually quite simple. But some people have complained about the lack of clarity of some of the instructions. And even if you do understand the instructions clearly, finding the pieces that fit together will take you a staggering amount of time. Some people took 7 hours to complete it, while others required 12 hours all in all.

And that’s the real reason why you need a buddy to set it up. Strictly speaking, it’s not really necessary and you can do everything yourself. But it can get lonely spending 7 to 12 hours alone, and you may need some proper encouragement so that you don’t quit and say to hell with it.

So you need to make sure you assemble it correctly. There’s also negative here—the warranty is only for two years, and it’s limited as well.



The bang for the buck value of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is tremendous. Imagine having a machine that allows you to do just about every exercise you do in your gym, except you do it in the comfort of your own home. It’s very convenient, and the investment pays off eventually. This thing will last for many years, as the construction is quite solid and sturdy.

You can also be reeved to have a machine that not only works effectively, but safely as well. While the manual covers its butt (legally speaking) by stating that a spotter is recommended, it’s not really necessary at all to have one.

All in all, the value for money in the case of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine is quite a steal, so you may as well take advantage of this opportunity. Despite the tedious setup procedure, at least you only need to do it once. And even though the warranty is not exactly generous, the build of the machine is extremely sturdy and durable, so you won’t really need it anyway.


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