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NordicTrack E 7.1 Review


  • – Great Adjustments
  • – Flexible
  • – Stride length


  • – Warranty
  • – Display

Elliptical are training machines are stationary machines mainly used in homes and gymnasiums to simulate different exercises example jogging and climbing stairs. Their main advantage is their efficiency in terms of time and exposure to extreme weather conditions during exercising example during winter. They can be powered by the user’s motion or by plugging them into the electrical socket.

The nordictrack e 7.1 is an elliptical offering an incline ramp, an adjustable stride length, and an MP3 audio plug-in port. This are some of the features that makes it really a favorite among the elliptical available in the market. This machine is also strong hence long lasting saving on repair cost and the cost of replacement. This also ensures an increased life time for the machine.

Below are features of the norditrack e 7.1

I. Smoothness

The weight is below average compared to other elliptical. The weight limit is 300 pounds but it runs quiet smoothly provided one falls under this weight limit.

II. Cost

The norditrack e 7.1 costs a cool price of $ 799 compared to other ellipticals that go for around $ 1000 and above. The features available in this elliptical are comparable to those found in the high end expensive elliptical and hence its highly recommended for home use especially by professionals in the health and fitness field.

III. Maximum stride lengths

This elliptical has a maximum adjustable strength length of 18 to 20 inches. This is an important feature if people of varying heights want to use the elliptical. Most people will find the adjustable length suitable since the length is optimized. It will change the way one’s muscles work in order to help achieve better muscle definition. The Higher the inclines the longer the strides hence targeting one’s hamstrings and glutes. Lowering the inclines create shorter strides to engage one’s calves and quads, also allowing one to reposition the stride for a better fit.

IV. Incline

The elliptical can be inclined from 10o to about 30o.this inclement modifies the shape of one’s stride hence it automatically changes the muscles being targeted during the workout hence trying to achieve maximum muscle work out.

V. SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

This increases the smoothness of the system and makes it frictionless resistance, its system allowing one to adjust the workout intensity without interrupting it.

VI. Space saving design

The nordictrack e 7.1 elliptical machine has pedals and bases that fold up quickly and also fits in a very small space hence ensuring it doesn’t take much space available in the house.

VII. Display

This elliptical machine has a good LCD display where different parameters are displayed. They can either be displayed singularly or together with the display split into several portions. This ensures that one can monitor their selves in terms of speed, the heartbeat and the strides among others.

Although the elliptical has this desirable characters there are a few shortcomings including;

1. It’s not a long lasting machine of the best quality hence may break down sooner compared to other machines in the industries other machines.

2. The bolt holes on the frame don’t always line up particularly on the tracks where the wheels grind. This mis-alignment causes rubbing and consequently loud noise.

NordicTrack E 7.1 Reviews Conclusion

In brief we can say the norditrack e 7.1 is a suitable elliptical machine for easy home work out. This can be attributed to its easy assembly and cheap price of purchase.

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