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Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Elliptical Review

The Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0 is a rear drive elliptical trainer. It features oversized pedals, which help you to reposition your feet while you are working out so that you can experience less fatigue and exercise for longer. With a maximum user weight of two hundred and seventy five, it is of a reasonable durability and offers average stability. There is a Coolaire workout fan that cools you more as you workout harder. It measures your heart rate through monitors that are built in to the handlebars. They calculate your heart rate by taking your grip. The Intermix folds up, saving you three inches of space, so it might be worth considering for a home gym.


  • Tension adjustment
  • Reliability
  • Heart monitor
  • Customer Service


  • Heavy
  • Overall Feel

Resistance Levels

The resistance is magnetically powered, and you can adjust the level of resistance. Because the Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0 utilizes Silent Magnetic Resistance, so when you adjust the level from one to another, it will transition quietly and smoothly. There are ten levels of resistance for you to choose from when you want to adjust it.


The display is backlit, which leaves a lot to be desired. Comparable ellipticals offer a world more of options. These days with the advances in exercise equipment technology, it is reasonable to expect a fully colored screen, a touch screen, a web-enabled screen or all three. Although the Clear View screen is supposed to be strategically tilted to allow you to see it more clearly, there is nothing to get excited about here.

Pre-programmed workouts

There are sixteen workout programs, again, not too much to get excited about. Many similarly priced elliptical trainers offer thirty five pre-programmed workouts, as well as thirty four work out apps. Especially considering the price of the Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0, you should expect to see a little more options and features, including workouts.

Incline Adjustment

An adjustable incline would be nice to see on the Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0. Being able to adjust the incline would allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout. Switching the incline will allow you to target particular areas of your lower body and will give you a more productive workout. When you increase the incline, your body begins to workout harder, and the ability to make your exercise more intense can be an important feature on an elliptical, particularly for beginners.

Stride Length

The stride length is adjustable, which is actually a nice feature. You can switch the stride length from thirteen inches, to fifteen inches, to eighteen inches. However, considering that an eighteen inch stride length, the longest option, is suitable for anyone five eleven or shorter, don’t look into the Intermix Acoustics if you are a reasonably tall person.


The Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0 is out of manufacture. So, there is no information on any warranties out there. This does not appear to be a particularly popular model, which is reasonable considering that for the money you will pay you can typically get at least a few more features. Although with ellipticals you get what you pay for and this is a lower end machine, it still wouldn’t be too far fetched to desire more.

Price and Value

The Nordictrack Intermix Acoustics 2.0 can be found online new for seven hundred dollars, used for around four hundred dollars. You probably could find more features for your money, making this just achieve an adequate value. The benefits include the Silent Magnetic Resistance, iPod compatibility, the ability to achieve an average upper body workout and the oversized pedals. The fact that you can fold up this elliptical and save space is also a plus. The heart rate monitor is nice, however newer models will allow you to take your heart rate without using your hands. The workout fan is a plus, but this is pretty standard for ellipticals. The bottom line is that this might be a good investment if you can find it online for less than it typically sells for, and if you are a beginner who isn’t sure if elliptical trainers are for you.

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