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P90 Power 90 In Home Bootcamp

P90 Power 90 In Home Bootcamp is the precursor to the now famous P90x. If you bought P90X only to find out you couldn’t pass the fitness test or couldn’t make it past the warm-up, the original Power 90 is a good place to start.

P90 is more basic – push-ups, dumbbells, (no pull-ups), squats, cardio and abs routines every other day. All you need for P90 is a chair, dumbbells or bands, towel and water. Tony Horton looks a lot younger in these videos which is fine. If you want a workout that goes back to basics and will prepare you for P90X, do Power 90 for the 90 days and you will be able to keep up with P90X a lot better, especially in the push-up and cardio sections.

Power 90 Routines

There are 7 routines: Sculpting, cardio, abs and a bonus routine showing Tony with a bunch of people in Hawaii. The sculpting routines are split between beginner 1-2 and more advanced 3-4 routines. The difference between 1-2 and 3-4 is 3-4 has more routines, more reps and different push-ups.  The sculpting routines are basic military press, 3 different sets of curls and other arm routines, basic stuff, but a good start if you haven’t had any sort of intense workout in awhile.

The two cardio routines are also split between 1-2 and 3-4, beginning and more advanced. Both cardio DVDs start with a warm up, some yoga, hi impact (jumping with both feet), low impact, along with basic punching and kicking. Cardio 3-4 has more sets and is longer. Each Cardio DVD has the Ab routines on the same workout, but also the ab routines have their own DVDs as well.

Ab routines are 100 and 200. Ten sets of ten, one hundred crunches and leg lifts of some sort, then the same routine, but with ten sets of twenty – 200 reps.

This is a great basic workout alternating between lifting weights and cardio every other day. Power 90 is the perfect place to start if your older or haven’t worked out regularly in more than a few years. The weightlifting is only as hard as the weights you use.  Start light and work your way up, slowly.

The Power 90 In Home Boot Camp includes bands which can be upgraded to heavier resistance if you’re a guy, the DVDs a bonus workout, meal plans, calendar, measuring tape, manual to get the most out of Power 90 and a bonus 6-Day fat burning express plan to jump start your weight loss.

The Only Downside in Power 90

If you follow the program correctly and consistently, including the diet, you will lose weight and gain muscle. The only bad part is that I’ve found after about halfway through, it’s a little boring. The same routines are done from 1-2 and 3-4 is the same and adding a few more. If you already bought P90X and it is sitting on the shelf, break out the Kenpo or Cardio routines to break up the cardio days and try a P90X weight routine to break up the weight routines.

Power 90 is a straight 90 days of alternating weight and cardio routines, which adds to the boredom factor but the Power 90 Master Series and P90X and P90X+ have changed to three weeks of weight routines then take a week off from the weights, not resting, just not lifting weights for a week while still doing cardio, Kenpo and Yoga. You can probably modify Power 90 the same way, especially if you already have P90X or one of the other P90 series. Or you can buy Power 90 Master Series individually to add some variety to your Power 90 Boot Camp routines.

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