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Precor EFX 546 Review


  • – Heavy duty
  • – strong construction
  • – commercial grade
  • – Good Ergonomics


  • – Expensive
  • – No Mobile

Are you looking for a solid elliptical machine that is capable delivering perfect results without causing harsh impacts on your joints? Then you should consider going for Precor EFX 546. Burn as many calories as possible using this excellent workout equipment. The machine works just like a treadmill though unlike treadmills, it will cut your calorie level without straining your joints.

For those who are concerned about osteoarthritis or their knee problems, this is the excellent workout equipment for you. Thanks to its natural and smooth movements that ensure it doesn’t hurt joints when you’re exercising. Typically, the equipment has been manufactured to move smoothly to offer you an intensive quadriceps and glut workouts as well as intensive cardiovascular workout. Furthermore, you’ll find the machine very easy to operate, even amateurs who are just beginning their workout exercise will find it very convenient to use, thanks to its attractive and convenient display console.

Another great difference between the Precor EFX 546 and treadmill is that Precor offers more variety of workout exercises than a treadmill. These include forward and backward movements among others. One great aspect of the EPrecor EFT 546 elliptical trainer is that it allows for stride length adjustment and, therefore, perfect for the various muscle groups in your body. This machine is excellently built to provide you with that outstanding workout you’ve been admiring.

Precor EFX 546 Features and Specifications

Featuring a stride resistance of 20 levels, this great workout machine has a total of 10-reprogrammed courses and an adjustable 15 to 40 degrees of the cross ramp. With the adjustable cross ramp, you can you can select your own preferred angle and hence isolate the quads, calves, gluts, and hamstrings.

The ten preset programs enable to shift to a new workout during your workout. Among the programs, there is one program that has been designed to test your fitness level. It has two power options of 110 volts and 220 volts. The machine has been manufactured in an elegant frame powder coated steel and measures 80 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 62 inches in height. In terms of weight, Precor EFX 546 is 230 pounds and features a maximum user weight of 400 pounds.

The Precor EFX has variable stride lengths that range from 21.2 inches to 24.7 inches. With the variable stride length, the machine provides a workout like that of a stair climber. It comes with a six-phase generator that allows for friction-reduction whenever necessary, hence ensuring a comfortable workout for each exercise.

Precor EFX 546 Conclusion

Convenience is enhanced using an accessory holder where you can put your water bottle, reading materials such as a magazine, newspaper pen, and others. Other features include heart rate monitoring, numeric keypad, and an option of installing your own personal viewing screen. Also coming with the Precor EFX 546 is biofeedback center, which is a computerized system that has been designed to provide you with heat rate and calorie feedback. With this feedback system, you will be capable of reading your real heart rate, and compare it against your target heart rate. This is essential for effective weight loss and cardiovascular training.

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