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Proform 500 Le Elliptical Review

ProForm 500 LE Elliptical is machine which helps you stay in shape and makes your workout very pleasurable. It is the finest way to shun gym and stay healthy by working out at home. It provides foldable pedals and base to reduce space. Before using it, it is recommended to collect all the parts and adjust them with the help of an authorized technician to avoid any damage. Avoid pinching the pulse wire while doing so. To avoid display and electronic component harm, please make sure to keep it at room temperature before bringing it into play. The frame can be folded when the elliptical is not used. It has leveling feet.


  • Natural Motion
  • Lightweight
  • Heart monitor
  • Customer Service


  • Ergonomics
  • Tension Adjustment

Resistance Levels

The Proform 500 LE Elliptical provides with 12 quick silent magnetic resistance levels. It has pre programmed workouts that include weight loss workouts also and they involuntarily regulate the resistance as the workout proceeds. It has extra-large and slip resistance pedals.


The advanced display console is the heart of the Elliptical. It presents a range of features which make your workout very pleasant and effective. You can measure your heart rate by using the pulse sensor. You can craft your workout more enjoyable by using the sound system. It turns off automatically, once you finish exercise.

Pre-programmed workouts

It offers six performances and six weight workout. In the existing workout the duration of the workout is displayed on the left, resistance level in the center and Number of workout on the right in the display screen. While exercising, once you stop pedaling the workout will stop followed by a sound and when you will resume pedaling the workout will also begin again automatically.

Incline Adjustment

It is recommended to adjust the incline to the lowest before folding the Elliptical. Otherwise, it can spoil the treadmill. It is preferred to adjust the incline before moving it from one place to another. Be sure to keep your back straight and bend legs while doing so.

Stride Length

The length of the stride is 18 inches. It has three position auto adjustable strides which help people target different muscle. The maximum length of the stride is 18 inches which is very short for few of its users. It gives a feel of stair climber for taller people making it uncomfortable to use at times.


The machine comes under limited warranty and it is recommended to register the product within 30 days to prevail free services. The frame is warranted for 10 years. A warranty of 7 years on the braking system and one year warranty for parts and labor are applied. It is limited to restoring and replacing only. The level of warranty highly differs from state to state.

Price and Value

The price of the Proform 500 LE Elliptical is around 41,000 INR in India. Its dependability, adjustability, warranty value, customizable stride length, iPod compatibility and the cooler fan makes it highly recommendable. It is the cheapest thing that will do wonders to your health and fitness regime. It packs quality into their package. It provides best value for money. It is the ideal machine for getting in shape, working on your cardiovascular fitness, toning your arms and legs and burning a huge sum of fat. It just does what it says on the box. And most significantly, it does it well.

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