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Proform 785F Elliptical Review

The Proform 785 F is an iSeries elliptical trainer that was introduced into the market with a lot of features, most of which are very attractive to people looking to improve their physical fitness and lead more physically fit lives. With its 275 lb. weight capacity, it is a generally durable and affordable elliptical trainer with many good qualities such as the music port and cooling fan, and even an EKG monitor. Some of the other notable features that make this elliptical trainer very popular among people who are interested in elliptical trainers for physical fitness are described below.


  • Large Pedals
  • Ergonomics
  • Dependable
  • Strong Construction


  • Tension Adjustment
  • Warranty

Resistance Levels

When it comes to resistance levels, the Proform 785 F offers the Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) of exactly 20 levels. This means that the user can increase the level of resistance of their workout, depending on the workout program that they are on. In addition to this, the elliptical trainer works efficiently and silently with very little noise, regardless of the resistance level that is set.


It has the Clearview Backlit display, on which a person can read off the elapsed time for a workout session, pulse, as well as resistance levels, all of which are displayed on the screen. This is very effective in helping a person track their fitness achievements, and advancements towards their fitness goals.

Pre-programmed workouts

The Proform 785 F comes with 14 recorded workout programs, and clearly the user can be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which program to use. In addition to these personal trainer workouts, it also has six more targeted programs for weight loss, to ensure a maximized workout experience, especially for users who enjoy a variety in workout routines.

Incline and Stride Adjustment

The incline can be adjusted for someone looking to pick up the pace of the workout, with the patented Power Intensity Ramp, to deliver a more challenging workout. Therefore the user can dial up and engage in a more physical workout, or the user can dial down and have a normal daily routine workout that is not too strenuous.


This elliptical trainer comes with a brake warranty of seven years, one year warranty for the parts of the trainer as well as the labor to maintain it. The frame however, has a lifetime warranty. Thus a purchase once made, is not the end of the matter, since the machine can receive regular maintenance for up to one year.

Price and Value

Although it is currently unavailable in various online shopping platforms such as Amazon, the Proform 785 F had a price tag of 449.00 US dollars, which is a good price for a person looking to spend little money and save more on cost, since there are more expensive models in the market. Depending on what a person is looking for in an elliptical trainer, it can be a great purchase or a sub-par professional workout machine. This is to say, that it can be a good elliptical trainer on a home individual level, but can fail to offer the much needed consistency if it was used in a gym in a more professional capacity.

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