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Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer Machine Review


  • – LCD display
  • – Dependable
  • – Customer Service
  • – Ergonomics
  • – Easy storage


If you are looking to get away from the jogging in the long term and still put in some work, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical might be a very good option for you. Before you start shaking your head in opposition to this especially considering how expensive elliptical trainers can be, think about this. What if you could get and entry grade elliptical trainer for less than $700 dollars with the features of a professional grade trainer? It does not sound like a bad idea after all does it? This is what the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is all about and this review will be evidence of the value that you will be getting by opting for this machine.

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Resistance Levels

Considering that you are looking at this as a long term prospect, you want something that is basic but does not constrict you too much. With up to 20 levels of resistance you have every one of your work out needs attended to and well into the foreseeable future. You are also presented with a worthy challenge which keeps your drive for staying fit well-oiled and driven to help you stay consistent.


The display is a bit of a unique aspect as it features the Schwinn Dual Track Two window LCD system and this allows you to keep an eye on up to 13 different display feedbacks which means that you have more information displayed in front of you and are able to keep better tabs on the progress that you are making. It also presents a great opportunity for you to be able to set more realistic goals for yourself.

Pre-programmed workouts

Every user be it a newbie or an advanced user will find the 22 pre-programmed workouts quite the challenge and equally helpful. There are 9 profile work-outs, 8 heart rate control workouts that are split into 4 for beginners and 4 for the advanced, 2 workouts that are custom user defined and 2 to test how far your fitness has gone to allow you find out if you have made any progress.

Incline Adjustment

For your inclination adjustment, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical features a ramp that is able to be inclined to about 10 degrees at 6 different positions. This not only gives you diversity but also allows you to work on different groups of your muscles and hence you are able to benefit fully from the features that this elliptical trainer has to offer.

Stride Length

With a 20 inch stride length, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical is ideal for various members of the family and more so those that have a height advantage. The opposite might feel at a loss in the beginning but in the long run, you are most likely going to get used and within no time be able to make full use of the trainer.


There are a number of warranties that come as part and parcel of the 430 elliptical. These include the 90 day labor warranty which might pose some questions but is still acceptable, a 1 year electrical warranty, 2 years mechanical warranty and also a 10 years warranty on the frame which is not shabby at all.

Price and Value

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical will set you back about $600 but the interesting part is that it has one feature that will definitely numb the pinch of having to dish out the $600. It has a 2 user capability for a multi user set up and while this is not a common feature, it definitely ups the value of this elliptical since now you can have your spouse or child around to help give you that extra boost to stay dedicated to your program. If that does not make paying $600 for a machine that features professional grade aspects easier, then nothing will.

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