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Schwinn 431 Elliptical Review. Read This Before You Buy.

Does this sound like you?  It takes you 20 minutes to get to the gym.  Then you have to wait to get on the elliptical trainer, exercise bike or treadmill.  You don’t ever use those weight machines, but you know you need the aerobic exercise, and you enjoy the workout – once you can get on a machine – so you put up with the $600 yearly membership fee.  You don’t exercise as often as you would like because it’s sometimes too much of a hassle to make the time to go to the gym.  You’re afraid to get an elliptical trainer of your own because you’ve heard they’re really expensive, they’re flimsy, and they just end up collecting dust in the garage.

What do you get for your money when you buy the Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer?

  • Oversized cushioned footplates
  • Computer controlled drive system with 25 pound steel flywheel to provide high inertia for a smooth stride
  • 18 inch stride
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Grip heart rate monitor on handle bars
  • Manual, Profile, Calorie Goal, Time Trial, Heart Rate Control, Fitness Test, and Custom workout programs
  • BMI (Body Mass Index), Recovery Mode, and Results Mode feedback programs
  • Multi-program computer that allows the user to input data, measure a variety of results, and track progress
  • Time, Interval Time, RPM, Watts, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Calories, and Resistance display readouts
  • Console that includes a fan and an integrated MP3 compartment
  • Oversized bottle holder that may be removed and cleaned separately
  • 300 pounds maximum use weight
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Dimensions: 59 inches long by 26 inches wide by 68 inches tall

With the Schwinn you can get a great cardiovascular workout, combining both upper and lower body workouts in a natural, impact-free motion.  If you’ve ever used a treadmill, you have probably noticed that your knees and ankles can take quite a pounding.  Not so with an elliptical.  The elliptical’s footpad supports your entire foot throughout the stride, making it much easier on your joints.

The Schwinn 431 has a stride length of 18 inches.  Many lower end ellipticals have a stride length of 16 inches, and while 2 inches doesn’t sound like much, it is the difference between a smooth stride and a choppy stride.  Add to the stride length the 25 pound flywheel to provide inertia, and you have a very smooth, natural stride.

This elliptical isn’t going to fall apart on you after a few month’s use.  It has a rock solid frame that will stand up to years of use, and it is backed by Schwinn’s equally solid warrantee:  15 years on the frame, two years on the parts, one year on the electronics, and 3 months on the labor.  That said, you will still have to perform some basic maintenance from time to time, such as lubrication, to keep it in top shape.

Overall, users rate the 431 very highly.  The most consistent negative comments are about the fan on the console.  A high percentage of users don’t find it very useful.  Other than that, it gets very high marks for being durable, quiet, and providing a great workout.

The Schwinn elliptical 431 has a lot going for it and very few drawbacks.  If you’re in the market for a high quality elliptical trainer at a reasonable price, you’d be hard pressed to do much better than this one.  You can get a good workout at home and save the gym membership cost.  Give it a look and judge for yourself.

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