Soberlink for Fast Alcohol Content Testing- Know Basics

In the US, people who do crime are under the influence of drug and alcohol. This harmful element lie country liquor influences alcoholic patients to do crime and social injustice. Therefore, US government tests the availability of alcohol in blood of the accused with Soberlink device. It is a thin remote controlled alcohol tester which is connected with the android system. It tracks the presence of this narcotic material in the body of the person. The government has made it a mandatory rule to check every person with this Soberlink. It collects breath sample for further testing to detect the patient addicted to alcohol.

How Does Soberlink Work?

Soberlink is a remote controlled mini tool for alcohol monitoring. It does not need your blood for analysis. Through the collection of the breath samples of the patients, it actually works. Breath alcohol content or BrAC testing process is easy and very fast for the detection of the alcohol. It has the advanced photo verification system to identify the specific person. If your photo does not match the given image, it will not respond. It will give you a message to your mobile phone. It is an ultramodern device with multiple features like high resolution picture quality. It can catch the glimpse of the image in dark and low light. It is  the multifunctional breath alcohol content testing. Besides, the multiple acquisitions technology locates the specific place using GPS interface. Read the readings on the tiny smart LCD screen of Soberlink.

A Simple-to-Use Device

  • It is a lightweight pocket size device for alcohol content tracking.
  • The automated BrAC reading on LCD screen
  • Anywhere you can move it
  • Cost-efficient
  • The ergonomic Soberlink sends text messages and codes to your mobile phone.


Soberlink alcohol testing system is safer than any other local conventional alcohol measuring tool. If you want to protect your health, use it to get in touch with the availability of liquor in your blood. After getting your sample of breath to test, it takes 45 minutes to declare results. Notification will reach your mobile phone on time with the latest update. The alcohol presence test is done through a number of steps. If you have negative element, it will let you know.

Check the reviews and blogs on Soberlink to have basic ideas how this device performs. Buy it and try to monitor your alcohol consumption rates to take precautionary measures for managing your health. Alcohol destroys life of a person who should not be addicted to this narcotic element. For having a protective system, go for the usage of this sophisticated alcohol tester.