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Ten Minute Trainer Review

ten minute trainer10-Minute Trainer is another workout video from Tony Horton and Beachbody. These workout videos are designed for busy people who think they don’t have time to workout. In ten minutes a day you can workout, lose weight on the diet plan, look and feel great. Unlike P90X programs there is no specified time limit. No where does it say you’re going to lose a bunch of weight and bulk up after 90 days for only ten minutes a day. It’s meant to be an ongoing exercise program to get you off the couch and doing something. But if you’re actually busy you wouldn’t be sitting on the couch. People have to prioritize their lives. Exercising must be a higher priority than watching a TV show and anyone can schedule ten minutes, wake up ten minutes early.

The actual program is really 10 minutes, but there is a two minute warm up and two minutes of cooling down after the workout. On the DVD you can choose to warm up or not. This way if you do more than one 10 minute workout you won’t waste time warming up between each one if you have more than 10 minutes you want to devote to exercising.

The routines are only ten minutes, but if you haven’t worked out in awhile, you won’t be able to make it through one of the routines. Even the sculpting workouts are going to make you sweat and burn calories. The cardio can be tough if you’re not used to it.

10-Minute Trainer comes with two bands, one set of handles and a door attachment so you can loop the band through it makes any door into a gym. You also receive a diet guide, a tape measure, a workout calendar and 8 workouts on three DVDs.  A Ten-minute meal book to prepare good healthy meals in ten minutes and the guide book to 10-Minute Trainer. Plus, On-the-go workout cards so if you’re traveling you don’t need to take the DVDs.

Part of the program is before and after pictures and measurements. As you mark off the workouts on your workout calendar you can see where you were and that motivates you to keep doing it and if you’ve committed to yourself to do this, documenting every things keeps you accountable to yourself.

This is a good workout, if you do it for ten minutes, two for twenty or if you do three workouts for thirty minutes it’s a great workout. The workout is tailor made to use with bands. You couldn’t substitute weights even if you wanted to on most of the exercises. The cardio is a great workout for ten minutes and if you’re that great, add a band and the waist attachment and add resistance to your cardio workout. This plan is awesome for someone that doesn’t want to invest a lot of time or a lot of money in equipment.

If you’re always traveling, this makes a great workout to take along in any carry-on case and  can be done in any hotel room. Even if the room doesn’t have a DVD player, you have the travel cards so you know what routines to do.

There is also a Trainer Track for each workout where Tony gives specific advice on how best to do each exercise. The normal tracks are more motivational and you’re working out with Tony or with Tony and his partner, while the trainer tracks are for questions you may have on technique that you only need to hear once in a while.

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