Top 5 Benefits & Uses of Histantin Tablets

Come spring and summer and most people end up with flu-like symptoms – running nose, sneezes, wheezing, allergic reactions, and skin infections. These reactions often occur during the spring to autumn weather and are mainly depictive of the pollen that flows in the air. 

Dust and mites in the air increase during summer and cause allergies in most people. Histamine is a natural biological chemical that helps the body in fighting off allergies but the improper release or excess release of this chemical can cause discomfort. 

Ayurvedic medicine for allergy is known to have a mild and reliable effect on histamines that are released in the body and help people from having an excessive allergic reaction to simple and small stimuli such as dust, pollen, pollution, and even food-related allergies caused when certain foods are ingested or even touched. 

What is Allergy? 

Allergy is the body’s way of protecting itself from a plethora of stimuli found in nature. Many people have allergic reactions to various things such as poor weather, dust, and pollen, food-related allergies, wheezing and cough due to air quality, etc. 

This may cause excessive discomfort and lead to reactions that can cause pain, skin reactions, tiredness, and fatigue. Excessive sneezing and a runny nose can itself be very uncomfortable. Allergies themselves are caused by a biological chemical that is released by the cells of the body called histamine

It is a chemical that lets the immune system know that there is an irritant or a foreign stimulus present. The immunity of the body then starts fighting against it. Some people are more susceptible to this trigger and can be quite challenging to handle as the allergies start acting up again and again. 

This can be controlled only by controlling the body from reacting to lower-level irritants and comfortably tackling some allergies without affecting the body. 

Benefits of Histantin

Histantin tablet is an ayurvedic medicine for allergies and helps prevent unwanted allergic reactions and triggers in the body. It helps in calming the immune system and helps to combat allergic outbreaks that cause the body pain and irritation. 

It helps in improving immunity by strengthening the overall immune system of the body and helps in counteracting the allergic outbreak due to external stimuli. 

Ayurvedic medicines to treat allergic reactions have been well known for generations as there are many ayurvedic ingredients known to have effects that strengthen immunity. Histantin tablets have the following herbs that help in boosting these qualities:

  • Katuki (a herb known to have anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Cumin (Antihistamine and immunity-boosting)
  • Nagakesara (Antihistamine and Spasmolytic properties)
  • Pushkaramula (Helps with respiratory allergies such as asthma and wheezing)
  • Jatamamsi (Helps with the regulation of histamine release) 
  • Turmeric (Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunity-boosting, detoxing)
  • Kiratatikta (Helps with skin allergies) etc.

Some of the well-known benefits of Histantin tablets are:

1. Helps with the regulation of Histamine levels in the body

Daily consumption of Histantin helps with controlling the levels of Histamine in the body

2. Helps with immunity-boosting

Histantin tablets help in boosting and strengthening the natural immunity of the body.

3. Helps in coping with Respiratory Disorders

Helps fights against severe breathing difficulties in asthma, bronchitis, and wheezing disorders

4. Helps in Skin Allergies

Helps control allergic outbreaks on the skin such as redness, inflammation, hives, and itching.

5. Helps with food allergies

Helps with controlling food allergies caused by dairy, nuts, and wheat for certain people.