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Total Gym 1100 For All Your Fitness Needs

Total Gym 1100 is a home workout system that allows you tone and strengthen all parts of your body. It helps achieve a variety of fitness goals such as flexibility, strength training, balance training, toning, and core muscle conditioning. The equipment has a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. and it weighs 54lbs.


It has an ergonomic slide board that is helpful in several ways, such as protecting your joints from injury and ensuring you are comfortable with the exercises. It enables you to tone and strengthen your body. The board also offers excellent back support so as to let you perform efficient workouts

Total Gym 1100 has a six-level resistance system that depends on one’s bodyweight. Since the levels are calibrated, you can customize the workout to fit your individual needs. The resistance will strengthen and tone multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Each resistance level utilizes the user’s body weight in gauging resistance. Additionally, you can add weight bars to provide some more weight if you want to take your strength training to the next level.

In A Box

When purchasing Total Gym 1100, the package will include an instruction manual, exercise guide, and a nutrition guide. These are meant to ensure you make the best use of it and get the maximum benefit. In particular, the exercise guide illustrates how you should perform certain moves, and how they work on various parts of your body. The nutrition guide is for learning what type of diet to adopt so as to lose weight and support your muscles at the same time.

It has comfortable handles and leg pulley accessories. These add to your comfort and enable you to work different muscle groups. The adjustable seat and adjustable back make it easier to position the equipment in a way that suits you


Total gym 1100 is easy to use. Although you have to assemble the machine yourself, the manual gives a complete guide on how to do that. Once you set up the machine, all you have to do is identify the correct workouts and get started.

You can alter the angle of the glide board so as to increase or decrease resistance. With this, it is possible to perform about 60 different exercises. Such include cardio, stretching, flexibility, and strength training. The quality also makes the product suitable for use by both beginners and users who are in advanced fitness levels

Although Total Gym 1100 is over eight feet long, when stretched, storage does not pose a challenge. If your storage space is small, you can fold the equipment and store it away. You can put it in the closet or even put it under the bed as it will take up very little space. Folding reduces its dimensions by far.

Total Gym 1100 is easy on your wallet. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own the equipment as it costs $ 200 according to most online sellers. Considering all the benefits you will reap from using the product, the product is worth every cent you pay. As compared to paying for gym membership, buying this product is a cheaper option.

It comes with a multi-function attachment so as to serve several purposes and to make the machine more versatile. You can place the attachment at the top or the bottom of the machine, according to the exercise you intend to perform. With this, you can focus on a particular muscle group at a time and in the end you will have achieved a full body workout.


Total Gym 1100 is made of steel and sturdy plastic that make it durable. You wouldn’t want to invest in a workout system that has to be replaced now and then. Total Gym 1100 can serve you for a long time, and when some of the parts wear out, you can replace them.

The equipment does not require a complex maintenance routine. All you have to do is wipe it clean and routinely check the parts for signs of wear so that they can be replaced. It has a 1-year warranty, and replacement parts are available

The Total Gym 1100 can be used not only by bodybuilders or those seeking to lose weight but also by anybody who wants to keep fit. It is convenient because it helps you meet your fitness goals within the comfort of your home.

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