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Total Gym 1400 Review – Lightweight’s Machine

This machine is another glide board home-gym that utilizes your weight for exercises. The weight resistance, same as with all this kind of machines, can be controlled by adjusting the angle of the glide board. You exercise by pulling or pushing the glide board that you are on, either with your hands or handlebars. 1400 has 8 positions, what means that it can have 8 different resistance levels.

Because of the way it works you can train just about any muscle group. Fitness machines by this brand, in general, have many attachments that can be bought separately to increase the amount of resistance or exercises but I’ll expand on it below in “Attachments” section. In addition to that, just about anyone can use it despite their fitness level. There are plenty of exercises to choose from so you won’t be getting bored any time soon.

Although this particular model doesn’t compare in overall quality, to other, better, Total Gym models, it is a lot cheaper than most of them and is still able to get you all of the exercise choices.

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

TG 1400 can cost just below $300. It uses quality materials for most of the parts but doesn’t use any unnecessarily tough materials. Just enough to accommodate people of recommended weight. For the price the quality is really good and you really can’t regret buying it. Some people have reported pulleys making sounds after few months of use, but most didn’t report anything wrong after even a few years. In case you receive a pair of annoying ones, they can be cheaply replaced anytime you like.

The performance is comparable to all the other, more expensive, models. Just like all of them the action is smooth and precise. Very easy on the joints too! It might not be exactly top-notch like XLS but is still great nonetheless.

And as per usual, it is very easy to take care of. It comes partially assembled and it usually doesn’t take more than few minutes to start using it. Just like most of them, it folds for easy storage so you can put it away when not in use.

Design & Comfort

As per norm with the brand, the design looks simple but is actually quite complex. It may look simple but most of the attachments can be switched, removed etc. This is all done to make it a matter of seconds to switch to other exercises. Biggest reason why it’s called a home-gym.

Although this 1400 doesn’t seem to be ergonomic it is still quite comfortable. The glide board is well padded and sized properly to comfortably fit anyone up to 275 lbs. Every other part of attachments that’s going to be in contact with your body parts are also made to be very pleasant to touch. In general, it’s very comfortable and won’t leave you unsatisfied.

It is definitely not as comfortable as more expensive models but for the price there is not much more you could expect.


Surprisingly, for the price, this model can handle just as many exercises as 1900 does. Over 60 exercises in total. It also comes with Exercises Chart, Total Body Workout DVD and even nutrition guide. Neither you nor your muscles are going to get bored with same old exercises!

Recommended User Weight

Likely the biggest reason why it is as cheap, is compared to other TG models, it can only accommodate lightweight people. The recommended weight limit for 1400 is 275 lbs which is a lot less than 1900. Nonetheless, if you fit the weight recommendation, I would definitely recommend it over 1900. While this model might not be as fancy, it is still just as good and will surely get you a very positive exercising experience. However, do have in mind that it can only handle people up to 275 lbs. If you are not planning to use it alone, make sure that people who might use it in the future also fit the weight limitations.


Just like 1900, it already includes most of the attachments necessary so you don’t really need to buy anything to exercise your whole body and you’d still have many exercises leftover. To be precise 1400 has dip bars, pull-up – push-up bars, feet platform, one leg lift strap. 1900 has more attachments like pilates toe bar and open handles so if you really must have those, you can buy them separately or just purchase Total Gym 1900. For most of the people, all the attachments 1400 comes with, is already more than enough and they can start exercising without spending another thought.

Note: It is not compatible with Total Gym Weight Bar so the resistance can only be increased by changing the incline levels.


  An awesome glide board home-gym for “lightweights” by Total Gym. It’s is fairly cheap and is great value for the price buy. It folds for easy storage, has 8 calibrated levels for controlled resistance, can be easily transported. Surprisingly for the price, you can use it for over 60 exercises! Exercise chart, a workout DVD and nutrition guide are included with the package. The model is quite comfortable, comes assembled, is fairly sturdy, precise, smooth and has many attachments.


Weight bar incompatible, only able to accommodate people up to 275 lbs.

All in All

Definitely a great choice for a glide board home-gym if you are not above 275 lbs. It has quality, sound performance, is easy to use, it’s comfortable and the design is smart. I’d say it still falls in to the top 10 of all glide board training machines. Would recommend for people who were looking into buying 1900 but would like to save a few dollars and are fairly lightweight!

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