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Total Gym 1900 Review & Rating

TG 1900 is a glide board home gym made as an alternative to all the trainers (machines) you find at a gym. It works by the user pulling the handle bars to lift their own weight up, or alternatively pushing themselves in a declined position. The resistance can be adjusted by either lowering or lifting one side of the bench. The higher it is – the harder the exercise. This machine has an overall of 12 positions what means you can freely control the weight you work with, in a very precise and smooth manner. Ideal for all kinds of training and fitness experience levels.

Because of the way this machine works – anyone can train with it. It’s very easy on the joints which is why it is a great choice if you’ve had any past injuries! This particular model has a Pilates Toe Bar for leg exercises what is really great alternative for a simple platform since it’s better for the knees.

Some even say that it’s a better choice than more expensive machines by this brand, because it costs less but has all the attachments you need. It isn’t really true – medical grade home-gyms are better in many ways, but 1900 is still the best cheaper alternative for TG users.


 Total Gym 1900 is truly a great glide board home gym. It’s fairly expensive but not as expensive as XLS and still can satisfy all your exercising needs. It folds for easy storage, has 12 calibrated levels for controlled resistance, can be easily transported. This machine can handle up to 350 lbs what is a LOT. It also allows you to use it for over 60 exercises! Most importantly it is sturdy, comes assembled, very comfortable, precise, smooth and has many attachments.


  Could be a little clearer on the safety pin instructions. Doesn’t look very nice. Weight bar incompatible which is a little disappointing for advanced fitness levels.

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

1900 costs just below $400. It is made of quality materials and is pretty sturdy although still not as high-quality as medical grade TG. For the price – the quality is as good as you’ll get so there really aren’t any cons to speak of concerning quality.

As expected from a product by the brand, the performance is one of a kind. It is yet to be beaten by any other glide board home-gym at the same price level. It is smooth, precise and sure to let you experience very fluid exercise movements.

As is usual with most of the glide board home-gyms – it is very easy to use and take care of. All of the parts, including the cover material are smooth therefore easy to clean. It comes assembled and folds too so you can shove it away whenever not in use!

Note: Make sure to put the pins in every time before the use. Some people do seem to have a lack of common knowledge relating those things and have had the machine collapse by sitting on it. It really isn’t an issue as the machine was designed this way and is perfectly safe but since some people might not be aware I thought I should mention it.

Design & Comfort

As per usual with TG machines the design is fairly complicated and yet, very easy to use. 1900 has many attachments that you can swap or remove for different kinds of exercises. It’s a great, space-saving function that will enable you to happily work all the main muscles in your body. All with a quick switch of the attachments!

Needless to say it is very comfortable. The handles and other parts that you will be in contact with are made to be pleasant to touch and use. Also the glide board is ergonomic and well-padded for healthy and comfortable use which is just great.

Although it may not be as comfortable as XLS it is still ergonomic and very comfortable therefore you shouldn’t feel any discomfort at all during the exercises!


There are a bunch of exercises that can be done on this machine. Although they don’t seem to mention if an exercise wall chart comes with the package, it can be bought separately. In total this machine has 60 exercises that can be done with it. It’s not as many as other, more expensive, counterparts have, but still a LOT compared to other machines.

Recommended User Weight

What’s nice about this machine is that, although it’s almost half the price of XLS, it can handle just about the same in user weight. If you don’t weight more than 350 lbs you can use this machine without fear of it breaking down or wearing out too quickly. All the materials and parts used in 1900 are capable of handling any person weighing below 350 lbs. As with other glide board home gyms I wouldn’t recommend buying this machine if you are above 350 lbs and instead buy XLS that can handle up to 400 lbs. However, if you can’t afford the medical-grade home-gym, I do not think a little over 350 lbs would damage this machine.


What’s great about this machine is that it comes with at least 6 different attachments. It basically means you do not need to buy anything separately. You will able to work out all of your muscle groups, without any issues, right off the bat. Though, if you really like certain sorts of exercises, you can always purchase additional attachments.


It may not be as good as TG XLS but it costs half as much and is still really comfortable and effective. It’s, too, made of sturdy quality materials, has a nice design and is very precise. This machine is a great cheaper alternative for XLS if you do not want to spend too much money. One of the best known glide board machines!

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