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Total Gym Force Review – Great XLS Alternative

Force by Total Gym is a glide board home-gym that makes use of your weight to work. You move the glide board that you are sat on by pushing or pulling on the handles that are attached to pulleys, or other attachments. Force’s resistance, or how heavy the workout is, depends on the incline level of the bench. In total it has 12 levels that can be adjusted to your liking or your current fitness level, which is why it’s great for anyone!

These type of machines, in general, are very easy to use and will be a good exercise for advanced and beginner fitness levels alike. Because of the way they work, they are very good for the joints and people with past injuries. This model in particular is very smooth in action and has plenty of exercises to choose from independently of your experience level and your circumstances. It’s just great if you are looking for a good, healthy alternative for your local training service provider. It will work just about any muscle in your body and all with just a quick switch of position or attachment.

This piece is very similar to 1900 and could be a good alternative if you don’t need pilates toe bar and would rather have a very popular AbCrunch attachment. It also has one attachment more than 1900 and some other products included in the package. Besides that, they are both awesome products that are very similar in quality and features. Which you like more is all about your own preferences.

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

This machine can cost from $400 to about $600 depending on the seller and ongoing sales. Just like 1900 it is made of quality materials and is surely very sturdy. And just like 1900 it still doesn’t compare to the quality of XLS model. It also has a limited one year warranty should you need some reassurance.

Whenever we talk about this brand and its performance – it never disappoints. Just like most of their products, Force’s performance is top-notch. It is smooth in action, the mechanical parts hold up well and is really stable when in use.

Cleaning Force isn’t an issue. Due to metallic and well-treated faux parts of the machine it is very easy to clean. It comes assembled and folds for easy storage just like ironing board. Dimensions when unfolded are 16” W x 92.5” L x 43” H .

Design & Comfort

All of the machines by this brand have a very smart design that might appear simple at first. While it might be easy to use most of the attachments are universal and will fit on most of their products. The attachments are very easy to switch or remove for different exercises. It’s an awesome function that saves a lot of space and money you would otherwise spend on your local training class membership.

As expected, Force is very comfortable in many aspects of the machine. The glide board, that’s likely to be ergonomic, is very well padded and pleasant to touch. It has flexible nylon strap handles that are also very comfortable. All of the parts that you are going to be in contact with, are also made to not make you feel any discomfort while exercising.

One of the more comfortable glide board home-gyms on the market. Not as comfortable as XLS, but still incredibly comfortable. Although some of the Total Gym Force reviews do like to state otherwise.


Surely enough there are plenty of exercises that can be done using this machine. In total it has over 60 possible exercises you can use to train your body. Lots of fun, since you can swap your exercises in your routine once you or your body gets tired of them. Force also comes with an Exercise Flip Chart, a Workout Guide, two workout DVDs and Nutritional Program & Meal Plan that will help you shape your body the way you like.

Recommended User Weight

Just like 1900, it is capable of accommodating people weighing no more than 350 lbs what’s expected for the price. If you weight more than that I would recommend taking a look at XLS. If, however, you are just a tiny bit above the weight limit, I would assume, it wouldn’t make much difference since the parts are really sturdy. Still, if you weigh more than 350 lbs, I’d suggest you to not take any risks and look for other options with bigger weight capacity.


Force in total has 7-8 attachments / accessories that you can do various exercises with. It’s even more than what 1900 comes with so you won’t need to buy any addition attachments. Unless, of course, you’d like to have a Pilates Toe Bar too for your Pilates exercises. The package comes with Wing Attachments, Leg Pull accessory, Dip Bars, Press-Up Bars, Squat Stand, Best-Seller AbCrunch Accessory and Large Stability Mat and possibly a tri-grip shaper bar.

Note: It is not compatible with Total Gym Weight Bar so the resistance can only be increased by changing the incline levels.


This piece of equipment is a great glide board home-gym just like most of their products. It’s just like 1900 except it has more attachments and looks a little better. Quality build, comfortable, smart design, comes assembled, folds, 12 levels of resistance, over 60 exercises, 350 lbs max user weight.


Weight bar incompatible, you may have to wait for the prices to drop if it’s not around $400.


Simply an awesome glide board home-gym for anyone – beginners, advanced, recovering people, adults, kids and really just anyone that doesn’t weight above 350 lbs. It has many attachments and accessories so you just won’t get bored of exercising. It is sturdy, quality-made and very comfortable with a padded pillow for extra comfort. Great value for the price. Would recommend to people who were looking for a quality product with full assembly in this price range.

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