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TRX Force Kit Tactical T3 Review

Are you into fitness but don’t have the time or don’t like the gym? Maybe weights aren’t your thing? OR if you’re like me and you just prefer bodyweight training the TRX Force Kit Tactical may perfect for you. In case you don’t know, TRX is it stands for total body resistance and is one of the more recent advancements in the world of fitness that has taken hold due to its effectiveness as well as convenience.


The benefits of this handy and portable weightless system that focused on the resistance of gravity and your own bodyweight is affordable, easy to set up and completely mobile. It consists of various straps, anchors, and hooks as well as some bars to create excellent full body exercises.


TRX Force Kit Tactical is used by the military

The Tactical T3 happens to be one of the most recent models and is the most lightweight of the bunch. This is the same tactical model which was developed and adapted for military use and has seen its way around the world due to its compact size and light weight. It also is easy to carry and pack away with its custom carry case and all the needed additions that it comes with.


The TRX Force Kit was designed for serious body sculpting in mind and high levels of fitness. While these wonderful training systems may be easy to set up and the moves are fairly simple it is still considered one of the most effective work out systems available.


The TRX Force Kit Tactical is made of durable nylon straps and rings like you would find in mountain climbing applications. It can be quickly set up and used on trees, in doors, and with the ceiling as long as you have the proper hook accessories. It can also be thrown over cross beams and bars as well as just about anywhere else you can think of.


When you first set up the TRX Force Kit Tactical T3 it literally takes a matter of minutes and it’s ready to go. There are endless training videos on YouTube and the set itself even comes with its own instructional video. Once you learn the basic maneuvers and work outs you can really start to have fun with it and you can always adjust as needed.


It’s very simple to make the workouts more difficult by changing body positions, or lengthening the straps. The workouts are great for all fitness levels and if you really want to get serious about it there is even certification classes y so you can in turn become a trainer yourself. Basically the training suspension system can effectively become your only workout or training system you will ever need.


The TRX Force suspension trainer is also very affordable. When compared to a gym membership it’s only about half the cost of what you would pay at a full year of a gym and the kit will last for years as long as you take care of it properly. There really isn’t a downside to using it and its must safer than using heavy weights.


On top of all the other pros, TRX Force training is fun, it’s very different than that of traditional suspension trainers. If you’ve never tried one it’s highly recommended and you’ll soon see that there is nothing better or more convenient than one of these handy kits.


The Tactical T3 model typically comes in an olive drab green type color as it was used by military forces mainly in the Middle East. It’s become one of the most appreciated and widely used pieces of equipment in the fitness world, and sure you can find it in gyms, but it’s much more convenient and easy to use from the comfort and safety of your own home.


The entire package comes with the main strap, door anchor, ceiling anchor, extender, training book and cds, and the handy pouch. All in all the TRX Tactical T3 model only weighs about six pounds shipping weight which means it weighs considerably less when pulled out of the box for use.


There are not many systems on the market which deliver like this wonderful workout and training system. Of course there are other knock off models but be wary as they tend to break easy, wear out and rarely last like one of these high quality and advanced systems does.


My final thoughts about the TRX Force Kit

The way I always looked at it, if the United States Military uses it is must be good. And it’s chosen by the soldiers themselves not just standard issue. That means that it is dependable and can stand up to the brutality and harshness of war, just think how it hold up for you in your own home.


The last words I can leave you with is if you’re looking to get in shape, give the TRX a try.

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