VapingIs the New Trend among Millennials

An electronic cigarette is a device that produces a vaporized liquid that you smoke. Generally, nicotine is a constituent of the emitted vapor. The objective is to mimic smoking without the smoke. These devices have numerous names; e-cigarette, e-hookahs, vape pens, and vaporizer cigarettes. Smok UK are all into research, development, manufacture, and sales of e-cigarette. These electronic smoking gadgets come in various shapes and sizes. Some appear like USBs; others look like pens.

Popular among teens

The sales and promotion of e-cigarettes are to encourage smokers to quit tobacco smoking, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) treats these products as tobacco items. Federal law of the US prohibits the sale of tobacco products to individuals under the age of twenty-one. However, vaping is a trend among millennial. This phenomenon is more popular among teens, as per the statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


There are some serious issues related to an e-cigarette. Scientists tentatively established a link between a severe lung disease known as vaping or e-cigarette or products related to lung injury (EVALI) with the use of vaporizer cigarettes. This fact was published in 2019; by 2020, two thousand eight hundred and seven such cases were reported, including sixty-eight fatalities, as per the CDC report.

The parts 

An e-cigarette appears like a cigar, cigarette, pipe, or USB device with encased liquid with a fruity aroma, but it may contain a high concentration of nicotine. The refills of these cigarettes come in various natural flavors, including mango, mint, and cool cucumber, but a one-shot refill may contain nicotine equivalent to that of twenty cigarettes. The electronic smoking device consists of the following parts:

The mouthpiece; in this cartridge affixed at the end of the tube contains an absorbent material saturated in a liquid solution; the spongy material is placed in a plastic cup.

Atomizer this part heats the absorbing material, releasing vapor, so the individual can inhale it.

The battery produces the necessary electricity for the functionality of the device.

The sensor incorporated in the e-cigarette triggers the heat when a smoker sucks the tube.

Liquid, a solvent present in the e-cigarette, is a mixture of nicotine, glycol, propylene, and flavoring agent.

When a person sucks the tube, heat is stimulated, vaporizing the solvent, the smoker inhales the emitted mist, which may contain a high level of nicotine or traces of it. The spectrum of available flavors in an e-cigarette is vivid, ranging from traditional tobacco to menthol and watermelon; some even mimic the taste and flavor of a specific premium brand.

Any company, if they make, modify, mix, manufacture, re-label or repack e-cigarette, must comply with conditions specified by the FDA. Smoktech is such a brand of electronic cigarettes that follows all the norms. As per the amended legislation of 20th December 2019, the minimum age for the sale of tobacco products has been raised from eighteen to twenty-one. Nicotine is the primary constituent for both regular and e-cigarette, which is a highly addictive substance. Nicotine develops smoking cravings and, if one does not fulfill the craving, suffers from withdrawal symptoms.