Various Methods of Cannabis Consumption Without Smoking

Cannabis has gained popularity since it makes it easier to unwind and enjoy yourself with others. Additionally, some cannabis users use it to treat other medical conditions, such as sadness and anxiety. In the past, individuals smoked cannabis for consumption. However, this approach is inconvenient for those who have respiratory problems. Moreover, smoking isn’t the most inconspicuous way to take cannabis and can be the smelliest. Fortunately, consuming cannabis may be done in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements and tastes. Now let’s get started!


You can add cannabis to almost any kind of meal. To hide its taste, most individuals combine it with delicious foods like candy, brownies, cookies, and snacks. The consumption of cannabis edibles has various advantages. First off, in comparison to other types, they are more potent and have a longer-lasting effect. The effects of consuming high-dosage cannabis edibles may linger for 12 to 24 hours.

Second, those who wish to keep their privacy might use edibles as one of the covert ways to consume them. Furthermore, edibles don’t emit any smoke, so your lungs stay safe. And lastly, they’re simple to make. To acquire the right amount of cannabis extract for your needs, simply search for weed delivery in Toronto, ON, and utilize it to make delectable delicacies.

Nevertheless, the benefits of cannabis edibles typically take longer to manifest. Additionally, you should exercise caution when taking them because it’s easy to overdose and experience severe anxiety and cardiac problems.


One of the newest methods of cannabis consumption is vaping. Here, you must heat dried flower or cannabis concentrate with a vaporizer to a temperature just below combustion. In this manner, it will release vapor for you to breathe in. Those who like vaping do so mostly because of its instantaneous benefits. Its subtle nature stems from the fact that it doesn’t produce less odor. Furthermore, it doesn’t emit any smoke, so your lungs are safe.


Vaping and dabbing are comparable. It entails heating marijuana dabs using a specialized rig to create inhalable vapor. You can choose from a variety of cannabis dabs, like oil, wax, and shatter, depending on what kind best fits your requirements. Those who are suffering from severe discomfort or nausea should dab. This is because, in comparison to other cannabis consumption methods, it uses highly concentrated dabs, which have stronger effects. It also provides a robust flavor. However, you must exercise caution because dabbing can have unfavorable side effects, particularly if it’s your first time using it, like cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and blackouts.<p>


Cannabis extracts made with liquids that dissolve fat are known as tinctures. It works best when you apply a few drops of the extract under your tongue and wait a few minutes for it to take effect. You can also apply it to your skin or combine it with food and drink.

This mode of ingestion is appropriate for individuals of all ages. The majority of individuals enjoy it because the effects usually take longer to manifest and happen quickly. The effects usually take 15 to 30 minutes to manifest, and you could feel high for up to 8 hours.