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Weider Pro 4300 Weight System

The 4300 Weider Pro Weight System is a home gym with a relatively small footprint, suitable for moderate training. If you are a serious body builder, you will need to look at the more expensive models. It features only 195 pounds of resistance, which is a tad below average. A handy exercise chart is included in the Weider Pro 4300 Home Gym package, explaining all about muscle groups and the different workout stations.

Technical Details

Assembled dimensions:
Height: 83 x Width: 43 x Depth: 77 inches  (210 x 109 x 196 cm)
Maximum user weight:
300 lbs ( 136 kg)
Maximum weight resistance:
195 Lbs  (88 kg)


Let’s take a look at what the Weider Weight System Pro 4300 offers. You get a chest press to punish those pecs and arms. The adjustable preacher pad comes in handy if you want to isolate your biceps and forearms.

Also included in the package, is an expandable chest fly, high pulley, low pulley, lat bar and 4-roll leg developer.

Chest Press: This bench press station will help you to work your pecs and arms into a peak performance state. You will soon see results from your definition building efforts.

Adjustable Preacher Pad: The preacher pad helps you to make the most of your training time by isolating your biceps and forearms, allowing you to do the exercises correctly. This is the ideal time to do a superb dumbbell workout. With the pop pin you can adjust the height as needed.

Expandable Chest Fly: Simply rotate the chest fly arms on the Weider Pro 4300 Weight System outward in order to build your chest and shoulders to the max. This is terrific for definition and bulk building. The movements reach both major and minor muscles.

High Pulley, Low Pulley: With a combination of more than 55 exercises, these two stations allow a full range of motion. You will soon see that you are getting to all those difficult to reach areas.

Adjustable Seat: This brand tries to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The seat’s height and backrest can be adjusted until you are perfectly comfortable.

Lat Bar: This multi-position bar is included and enables you to work your back, arms and shoulders.

4-Roll Leg Developer: This is where your glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip-flexors are given a thorough working over. The results of your efforts will be noticeable within a few weeks.

DuraStack Weights: The Weider Pro 4300 Weight System’s 125 Pounds DuraStack Weights are made to be durable, offering a smooth workout.


This is the one weak point, as there is only 195 pounds of resistance. The Precision System Components ensure wonderfully fluid weight work. Due to the system, the pulley bearings and bushings are more durable, while allowing for precision training.


Be prepared to spend between five and ten hours assembling the machine. This is a time-consuming process, calling for patience. However, you will have an affordable trainer with a variety of exercise possibilities. If anything feels a bit wobbly, check the screws. If the system is correctly assembled, you should have a stable, steady workout partner.


Also check out the 9635 home gym, the 4950 model and the Weider Total Body Works 5000. If you want to know more about the people behind this brand, be sure to read ‘Brothers of Iron: Building The Weider Empire’. This is the entertaining and inspiring story of the two brothers who dreamed up the company.

Put on some of the best workout music you can find. Getting a killer ab workout and full body workout is within easy reach with a Weider Pro 4300 Weight System in your home.

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