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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review – Ratings & Recommendations

This apparatus is a small incline bench that makes use of your body weight to train. There are two pulleys on each of the sides for you to pull down resulting in your weight going up with bench seating. The incline is adjustable so the load of the work out can be varied according to the users wishes. In addition to that, it also has a set of resistance bands that can be used to increase weight resistance up to 50 additional lbs. Plenty of weight to work with for both light and heavy exercising.

This kind of system has many perks. It allows for a greater range of motion enabling you to train just about any way you could possibly think of. One important pro of this type of fitness equipment is continuous tension. As you may know, many of us like to sometimes rest our muscles in between each rep. We usually lock in our body parts in order to rest our muscles. However with this machine your muscles will be working continuously – what is great! This kind of training is proven to be much more effective and efficient. By keeping your muscles under tension at all times, during the set, your training will yield MUCH better results.

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

For around $130 it’s probably the best home gym you can get. It may not be as precise or as heavy duty as rival home gyms such as Total Gym but it does everything it says it would and more at a MUCH lower price. It doesn’t use any unnecessarily tough parts or metals keeping it very cheap without losing out on performance or longevity. If you are not above 250 lbs – 300 lbs – it’s sure to work for many years without any problems. It does also have 90 Days Parts & Labor Warranty should you need some reassurance.

The performance of the mechanical parts could be better but is still great nonetheless. Nothing really noticeable or uncomfortable enough to feel a big difference.

Concerning the ease of use. It is very easy to clean. The parts are either metal, plastic or PVC / PU – all of them easy to take care of. If you have a small room or you don’t want it laying around in your room – it can also fold for easy storage. It’s also very light and easy to move aroundThe assembly is just as easy and quick, the tools you need to assemble it also come with the package.

Design & Comfort

The design is very simple. While it doesn’t have any fancy functions, it has just enough to do the job right. The bottom and top parts can be switched so different kinds of exercises can be done. It can be said that this product omits every unnecessary feature only to focus on being the most effective budget pick.

It will also be pretty comfortable to anyone who isn’t above the weight limit. The bench has a light, thick cushioning that is just enough to pass as comfortable. While the shape doesn’t give any room to wonder if it’s ergonomic, seeing that you will not spend a lot of time in it – it isn’t really a problem.

Only thing that you may find a little uncomfortable is the position of the pulleys that are slightly below the top of the bench part. Other than that it’s just great – you will be exercising like there is no tomorrow!


There are a lot of exercises for these kind of machines – just about for any muscle group. Arms, shoulders, back, abs, hips, thighs, and calves – anything you would usually train at a gym. Weider’s trainer also comes with a small workout guide. It shows you 12 most important exercises and what muscle group you’d be working on. In case you think that might not be enough, don’t be disappointed just yet. Being a very similar product to those of Total Gym’s you can buy a work out chart with 35 exercises made for Total Gym. They will work just the same with this product. In total, this trainer is able to handle more than 50 exercises… More than plenty enough for anyone! Once your body has grown accustomed to your usual exercises you can swap them with new ones without any trouble.

Recommended User Weight

The official product website says that the max recommended user weight is 250 pounds. However there are plenty of people weighing around 300 lbs and using this product and none have apparently reported any problems. I wouldn’t recommend you going above the recommended weight, but if you are looking to save a little money, I don’t really see a problem of going a bit over the weight limit.

Total Gym vs Weider

I find many people asking how Weider compares to TG. Honestly, it really depends on which TG product are you comparing it to. But generally speaking, as Total Gym products are normally much more expensive, they are also sturdier and a bit more precise. Going up with the price they will have more features and will be able to handle more weight (say 400 lbs) but for every such machine you would be able to buy few or more units of Weider. For the price it is the best home-gym in 250 lbs recommended weight category. If you were to compare TG to Weider that’s of the same price, Weider would win hands down. Definitely one of the best value for price trainers on the market. I would recommend it to anyone with a tighter budget.

Additional Thought: Muscle Growth

If you are looking to become a world class bodybuilder – this machine might not be able to help you. However it would be a lie to say that this can’t help you build huge muscles. Strength training, as opposed to bodybuilding, need heavy weights. In bodybuilding, muscle size is mostly achieved with lighter weights and higher rep count per set. Meaning that you surely can use this machine to grow bigger muscles should you want to. If that’s what you are interested in make sure to study the bodybuilding basics before you exercise.

Additionally, if you find the resistance a bit too light, you can purchase a single heavy barbell plate that could be used to increase it for some exercises.


This machine is a great value for the price buy. It’s quite cheap despite being of the same good quality as it’s more expensive rival products. It folds, is easy to clean, is very adjustable and can be easily transported. It can also be used for over 50 exercises which is surprisingly many for the price. Looks great too!


Can only handle people up to 250 lbs (recommended). Could be a bit more precise and a bit more comfortable but nothing to get discouraged over if you are not way above 250 lbs mark.


It’s a very basic incline bench in-home trainer that is very comfortablesturdy and easy to use for its price. It’s cheaper and better than most similar products and it would be safe to call it the “best value for price home-gym currently on the market“.Weider Ultimate Body Works received nothing but great reviews on many platforms too. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to get a great exercise machine without spending a big amount of money. If you are looking for a budget buy, this should definitely be your priority pick.

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