What are the different types of Spine Surgery?

The Spinal cord is one of the biggest bone structures in the human body and comprises many small bones that form a cushiony, flexible column. This bone structure is supported by millions of nerves and spinal fluid that present themselves as shock absorbers and provide flexibility and fluidity to the spine and helps the spinal column to provide strength and support to the overall body structure. 

The spinal cord is one of the main parts of the body and is part of the Central Nervous system as well. Spine hospital in Ahmedabad are known for their spinal surgeries and Special Neurosurgeons who help patients recover from spine-related problems and provide relief from spinal issues. 

In India, there are many specialty hospitals that help patients in these scenarios but Ahmedabad is known to be one of the best. 

Spinal Cord Issues

The spinal cord helps in maintaining the right posture and helps in most of the day-to-day activities such as motor functions, sitting, walking, running, bending, lifting, etc. The spinal cord can be affected if any of the small parts are rendered incapable of carrying out its functions. The spinal column is made from small box-like bone structures together with the spinal fluid. 

These small boxes appear to link with each other like a column or a pillar in a chain-like manner. This structure may be affected in case of accidents that affect the back severely. Apart from accidents, diseases to the bone such as Osteoporosis and Arthritis. 

Some of the common issues that affect the spinal cord are mentioned below:

  • Herniated Disk

One of the most common conditions is where a disk and the adjoining muscles near the disk become inflamed and swollen because of some strain placed on the spine. There are many surgeries that are done to alleviate this condition and restore normal conditions. 

  • Accidental Injury

Accidental damage to the spinal cord is done by neurologists in some of the specialty hospitals such as Spine Hospital in Ahmedabad where the doctors try to diagnose the issues and do corrective surgeries to help with the pain and recovery.

  • Osteoporosis

A disease that causes the bone to compress and the spinal fluid to shrink due to which the movement gets restricted and the back becomes very stiff and inflexible. Corrective surgeries can sometimes help in recovering from this condition.

  • Spinal Compression

Compression of the nerve or the nerve root because of the spinal cord or vertebrae can cause excessive pain and surgery can help in correcting this painful condition. 

Spine Surgeries in India

Spinal Laminectomy

A spine surgery where the spine compression due to osteoporosis or other bone-related disease causes compression in the vertebrae.

Spinal Discectomy

Removal of a spinal disk when it gets inflamed and swollen and presses on a nerve causing pain to the patient is called a Discectomy of the spine.


This is a laser surgery that helps in alleviating pain with relevance to mild herniated disks in patients with the use of plasma laser devices.


This surgery helps in making the bone hole bigger where a nerve resides and exits from the spinal cord. In such a case, the nerve may be pressurized because of bulging of disks or aging bones.

Artificial Disk Replacement

Replacing a disk with an artificial disk to retrieve bone functionality and flexibility in patients.