What Are The Ingredients Used In The Delta 8 Tincture?

Delta 8 is a tincture made by VMR Products. The company produces a wide range of marijuana-infused products, including the Delta 8. It is believed that Delta 8 comes in different potencies, at 200mg THC per bottle, and according to VMR Products the tincture is designed to use when you are looking for a high strength or heavier feeling. Here are the Ingredients used in the Delta 8 tincture.

The Ingredients

VMR products uses all natural ingredients and additives to keep their customers safe from harmful chemicals. In their products they use coconut oil as an extraction solvent for cannabinoids and includes THC (200 mg), CBD (150 mg) as well as other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes extracted form cannabis flowers.

The Benefits

While many product reviews of VMR products praise the oil’s ability to give a great medical effect, there are also some people who are skeptic about it. This skepticism comes from the fact that there are no ingredients mentioned on the bottle and no lab results (test results) of the oil. This is because VMR products consider their products to be an “extra strength” version of cannabis and that their tincture will provide you with exactly the same benefits as cannabis but in a different form. Still, they claim to have used only safe ingredients in making up Delta 8 tincture, so there should not be any major issues as long as you follow instructions carefully.

How to Take Delta 8 tincture

The marijuana tincture is to be taken orally and according to VMR products it is best that you take it on an empty stomach. To help you out they recommend drinking it while you are eating a full meal. Any kind of food will do – from plain applesauce to brownies, raspberries, and even ketchup. The Delta 8 should be mixed with the food and then immediately swallowed along with the potpourri.

What does Delta 8 do for the body?

The Delta 8 gives its users a strong high from smoking marijuana and similar effects can be seen with other THC-infused products like cannabis edibles or hash oil. According to customers of the product their high is quite strong, with some of them saying that Delta 8 can produce a feeling of euphoria and numbness in the whole body. The side effects from Delta 8 are believed to be mild and mostly include lightheadedness, dizziness, getting high and even muscle pains. At higher doses you can experience symptoms like paranoia and increased heart rate.

How long does Delta 8 last?

Since Delta 8 is not supposed to be stored for a longer period of time you should use it up as quickly as possible. The potpourri should be mixed with a little water, alcohol or juice and then just gulped down. You can try to delay the effects for longer but this is not recommended because Delta 8 should be used as soon as possible and cannot be stored for longer periods of time.

Delta 8 Tincture Review Summary

Delta 8 tincture has been designed to give you the same benefits of cannabis, even though it is not legally allowed in most states around the country. VMR products have kept their promises on providing users with all natural products that have no side effects and are very easy to use. Delta 8 is a potent marijuana oil that can help you get high very quickly and does not leave any unwanted effects on your body.