What exactly is IVF? Explain the workings of IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a method of joining a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg in a laboratory dish.

  • The word is divided into two words ‘In Vitro’ means outside the body, and the second word, ‘fertilization’, is the process of sperm entering the female body to get attached to the egg.
  • In a typical process, sperm and an egg are fertilized inside the female’s body.
  • The fertilized egg attaches to the womb and starts developing in the womb of the mother’s body, and after nine months, it gets delivered. It is the natural process of fertilization, also known as unassisted conception.
  • IVF is one of the most helpful ways to aid females get pregnant. It is an emotional phase for everyone concerned, giving a new life to the world.
  • Therefore, you must understand the whole process before proceeding. Several IVF centers in Noida provide the best facilities and services.

This article will find the process followed by these IVF centers.

It is a five-step process and includes steps such as:


  • This step helps the egg to get a boost through the help of superovulation. IVF centers provide drugs that will start processing stimulation, known as superovulation.
  • This drug comprises Follicle Stimulating Hormones. This stimulation acts as an agent and helps the body to produce more than one regular egg each month.
  • The chances of getting pregnant increase when the eggs are produced in more numbers than just one regular egg. It leads to ensure fertilization with the help of the treatment.
  • In this initial stage of the in vitro fertilization, you will have to visit the clinic regularly for various blood tests to check the ovaries of the female and analyze the hormones levels of the body.

Removal of the Eggs

  • The second step that the IVF clinic processes is the removal of the eggs. Before eggs are removed from the body, patients are asked to visit the clinic to get a shot of hormone injection. It ensures that the eggs are fully matured rapidly.
  • The next part of this step is a follicular aspiration, which involves a minor surgical process to eliminate the eggs.
  • It needs to be performed with the help of expert doctors. You can visit the best IVF centers in Noida to get better services and experience.
  • During the surgery section, the doctor uses an ultrasound which helps in guiding the patient. The doctor uses an injection needle to suck out the ovaries through the vagina of the woman.
  • The injection has a unique device attached to it that helps force the egg out of the body in one go.
  • This step might sound painful to some people, but you are provided with anesthesia before, which numbs the pain. There may be cramps and discomfort after the process, but it drives out soon.

Accumulate sperm from your partner or a donor

  • After collecting the eggs from the woman’s body, the next step is collecting the sperm from the partner. You also get an alternative of opting for sperm from a sperm donor.
  • Once the sperm is collected, they need to qualify for the quality. To ensure that the sperm is healthy, the sperm are put through a process of putting them into a high-speed wash and spin cycle.
  • There are various ways to ensure the quality of the sperm, and you can visit the best IVF centers in Noida for reference.

Combining the sperm and the egg

  • It is the fourth step that IVF centers follow in the treatment process as we know that IVF combines the sperm and egg in order to fertilize the egg outside the body.
  • This step is known as insemination, where the best eggs collected from the female body and the healthiest sperm collected from the male’s body are united.
  • In a few hours, the sperm fertilizes the egg. There is another process that can be followed by your doctor, and they can directly inject the sperm into the female’s egg rather than waiting for them to fertilize.
  • Experts do these; you can refer to the best IVF doctors in Noida for assistance.

Allocation of the embryo(s) into your lining of the uterus

  • As the final step of the process, once the doctors collect these samples from male and female bodies, the woman is drugged with another strategy for preparing the uterus lining.
  • They need to be medicated and prepared to obtain the embryos.
  • After three to six days of the fertilization, the doctor places the embryos back in the uterus of the woman’s body. You need an expert who must perform this step.
  • You can refer to the best IVF centers in Noida to better understand the process.
  • There are several embryos planted in the uterus in hopes of getting at least one of them implanted in the lining of the uterus wall and starting developing.

There are various best IVF doctors in Noida you can refer to. One such is Sweta Goswami, who serves the best facilities and services and helps people in their parenthood struggles. These are the several steps that the IVF centers follow to help people bring new lives.