What Is Post-Traumatic Addiction Disorder (PTSD)? And How Is It Connected to Addiction?

It is said that people going through post-traumatic addiction disorder are more likely to fall for substance abuse. However, there is a treatment for each of these mental issues. Here we are going to learn about this disorder and what treatments are available for this problem.

What is a PTSD?

This is a mental disorder that is caused by some traumatic incidents. For example, people who have gone through any natural disaster or some violent incidents or veterans are the ones going through PTSD. Such people take the support of unwanted drugs or alcohol to get rid of this feeling of fear, anxiety, and stress.

One thing you need to know is that people who have gone through some trauma, always come out of it after some days.

However, very few turn into PTSD, which doesn’t get sorted on its own and needs some medical attention. So, as we said earlier, such incidents would lead to substance addiction and that is the reason a dual diagnosis is required to treat both conditions.

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How are Addiction and PTSD connected?

It is very rightly said that any kind of addiction will always be connected to disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. According to a study done on co-occurring, it has been found that people who have PTSD are also diagnosed with substance abuse disorder (SUD). This is mainly because people try to self-medicate themselves leading to addiction.

When a person goes through trauma or any harmful incident, the brain starts producing fewer endorphins which are required to make you feel happy. So, in such cases, the person would start relying on drugs or alcohol, which increases their endorphin levels, thus enhancing their mood. This reliance will ultimately lead to addiction.

The common symptoms in people with PTSD include feeling disconnected from their family and friends and getting into violent outbursts and panic attack. This can be the most difficult time for family and friends to witness this condition of the patient. Ultimately, such patients will turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate themselves leading to addiction.

What are the treatments for PTSD and addiction?

Drugs or any substance consumption can rewire the brain’s neurocircuitry. So, the person will always need drugs to feel normal, which will eventually make it a habit. Both these two conditions may cause a complex impact on the brain. Thus, treatment is required to lower the effects of this condition.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the one that can help an individual with PTSD to cope with his earlier trauma that has impacted his brain. Many of the rehab centers, as well as the clinics specializing in PTSD, use this method to treat this disorder. Physical exercise is another way to treat this condition as it helps to soothe the depression and anxiety in the person.