Why You Need to Transform Yourself Today, Not Tomorrow

Are you thinking of making big changes in your physical and mental health? Stop thinking and start doing. Because change begins right where you are, right now.

Time is Not a Barrier, Says Omar Yunes

It’s a mistake to say that time is an illusion. Omar Yunes says that the passage of time cannot be ignored. Reminders come with every sunrise and sunset. But time is not a barrier, either. Time doesn’t keep you from starting something today, right now. You don’t need to wait until Monday or Sunday night to begin your transformation. You shouldn’t wait. You can start right now. At 9 a.m., at 1:52 p.m., anytime. You can begin your new life of physical and mental fitness at any time you choose. There is no waiting. There is only right now.

Time is Going to Pass Anyway

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t think I should spend that much time on that goal.” Thinking like this will get you nowhere. Thoughts like this are excuses. They don’t make rational sense, because time is going to pass no matter what you do. In 54 days, you can either wake up feeling transformed, or you can wake up 54 days from now exactly the same as you are right now. But the 54 days is going to go by no matter what you do, says Omar Yunes of 54D. You might as well wake up 54 days from now better than you are right now.

You’re on the Right Track

So far, you may not have taken great care of yourself. Maybe you tried to go it alone and found that you just don’t have a supportive enough environment to transform yourself. There was no one to answer to, no one to encourage you. Or maybe you just couldn’t make that switch in your brain that could keep you motivated long enough to see changes. But guess what? You’re on the right track. Right now, you’re already on the right track. The proof is that you’re reading this now. You’re looking in the right place, you’re considering the right direction. This is the right path. Just take the next step.

Habits Get Engrained

Do you know how habits form? They don’t form in one day. They become engrained, one day at a time, over time, Omar Yunes explains. Bad habits, or good habits; all come along slowly. If you have bad habits that have sabotaged your physical and mental health up until now, you are helping them to be even more ingrained the longer you wait. The longer you keep up your old, bad habits, the harder it is to kick them. This is why you need to transform yourself today and not tomorrow. The sooner you start your 54-day transformation, the sooner you can start building up the good habits that will carry you through the rest of your life in health.

There are always going to be excused for not getting fit. But there are no valid excuses. An excuse is not a reason. Start your transformation today at 54D.