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Do you get a Total Workout with the Total Gym XLS?

When looking to purchase a home gym you will want something that is able to tone and strengthen your whole body. A lot of home gyms can be quite bulky so I am interested to see how big the Total Gym XLS really is.

Total Gym say that their machine will have you using every single muscle in your body and therefore you will achieve a total workout from head to toe! It is able to do this by using a gliding board with some cool attachments that we will look at below.

How does the Total Gym XLS work?

Well, you set the glider at a certain incline depending on your strength and fitness and as you push the glide up you are in effect working against gravity – the weight you are working against is a percentage of your own body weight. The higher the incline you set the more resistance you experience and the harder the workout.

As you become stronger and fitter you can increase the workout intensity by making the incline steeper.


The Total Gym works both your upper and lower body and your abdominal muscles too so you really are getting a total workout. In addition the way the machine works means that you also benefit from a cardiovascular workout too.

Another great thing about using the Total Gym regularly is that as you reduce your body fat and increase the amount of muscle you will begin to burn up more calories as you exercise – this will be the case with any exercise so by just walking you will burn more calories.

This gym really does fold up into a neat small compact package. I am impressed by how small it folds away. Ideal for in the home.

The Total Gym is well known for its smooth operation and for being easy on your joints which is why it is widely used in rehabilitation centers.

Improvements Made to the Total Gym

There have been other models or versions of the XLS and in this recent model there have been a few modifications to improve functionality further:

  • a new pulley and cable system has been fitted
  • the stand where you squat is easier to use
  • the cushioning on the glide board is better and more comfortable

Accessories Included

The machine comes with a few accessories to give it more versatility and functionality and means that it appeals to a wider range of customers.

There is a Pilates kit that will help you to improve your flexibility and balance.

There is also a leg pull accessory that will enable you to work more on every muscle of your leg (quads, hamstrings etc.).

A wing attachment allows you to work more on your back and arm muscles.

Other Features

  • This Total Gym is suitable for people up to 400 pounds in weight.
  • There are a number of complete workouts already programmed into the machine including a start up program, a 6-8 minute quick workout, a pilates workout and a body makeover program which is a high energy workout.
  • A wall chart demonstrating 35 exercises you can perform is included.
  • Also they have added a nutritional program and meal plan in the package which is great.


There is no assembly required which is unusual for a gym so you can get up and running straight away. (The dimensions when set up are 19″ x 90″ x 43″ and when folded they are 19 x 51 x 9!).


This is an awesome gym and comes highly recommended by lots of fitness instructors. (The most famous being Chuck Norris who still uses it and he is now in his seventies!). In all there are over 80 exercises that you can do using this gym machine and because there are 5 DVDs included you can easily see what you should be doing – it’s like having an instructor in your own home!

So the Total Gym XLS really does provide a full workout and is easy to fit into your home without taking up too much space. Great piece of kit.

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