Six Common Payroll Mistakes You Can Avoid with Payroll Services for Small Businesses in SW Oregon

Payroll is your company’s lifeblood, so you must ensure its accuracy and efficiency. However, payroll oversight can result in expensive consequences and disgruntled employees. The global workforce, hybrid and remote work environments, as well as the constantly changing regulations have made payroll even more complex and more error-prone. While payroll errors are a real concern, payroll services for small businesses in SW Oregon can be growth opportunities for your company. the following are common payroll mistakes you must avoid and how a payroll service provider can help ensure the success of your business:

Employee Misclassification

Misclassifying workers as independent contractors and vice versa is a big no-no. Proper employee classification is necessary for tax purposes and eligibility for benefits. Misclassification can lead to penalties, legal complications, and back taxes. A payroll service provider will take their time to understand your company’s criteria for classifying employees and ensure accurate record-keeping. 

Incorrect Data Entry

Payroll involves different details including hourly rates, overtime hours, deductions, and benefits. Any mistake made when entering data can have a domino effect, resulting in inaccurate paychecks or tax withholding. Having a double-check system in place can help prevent this mistake from happening. Also, you should think about investing in automated payroll software to reduce human errors and smoothen the payroll process. Outsourcing payroll functions is the best way to avoid data entry mistakes. 

Inaccurate Timekeeping

Timekeeping mistakes are a serious headache when processing payroll. Not accurately recording employee hours, miscalculating overtime, or missed punches can result in under or overpayment. Employees should be encouraged to diligently record their hours. Also, consider implementing an online digital timekeeping system for guaranteed accuracy and compliance with laws and regulations. 

Failure to Fulfill Payroll Tax Obligations

Payroll management involves payroll taxes. Not withholding the correct taxes can lead to penalties and interest charges. You must stay abreast of tax laws, guarantee timely deposits, and keep accurate records to avoid financial and legal trouble. 

Late or Incomplete Payroll

When it comes to managing payroll, consistency is key. Delayed or incomplete payroll impacts employee morale and results in compliance problems. To avoid this mistake, a strict payroll schedule should be set. Also, all important documents and approvals must be completed promptly.

Failure to Include Eligible Deductions

Employee benefits like retirement contributions and health insurance premiums should be deducted from the paychecks of employees. Not deducting the correct amounts can cause financial strain for your company and employees. A provider of payroll services will review benefit deductions regularly, ensuring accurate tax deductions are made.