3 Essential Care Home Equipment to Update or Upgrade in 2023

Do you operate a care home that always puts the health and comfort of your residents first? Care homes serve a vital role for those who are unable to live independently often due to mobility issues, and need to be both safe and comfortable. This means staying up to date with the latest care home equipment in terms of what its capabilities are, its safety standards, and the equipment’s ease of use. 

While you likely don’t have to upgrade everything at once, there is some essential care home equipment that may be worth investing in for 2023. Let’s take a closer look.

Handling and Moving Equipment are Essential

One of the most important pieces of equipment will be the items you use to handle and move residents. They need to be safe, reliable, user-friendly, and comfortable for the resident. The good news is that technology has advanced over the years so this equipment is better than ever. Not only has quality and function improved but even the size has gotten better with mobility equipment being more streamlined than ever before.

Some of the key items to assess in your facility include:

  • Patient slings
  • Patient hoists
  • Handling and transfer aids

Each of these will be appreciated by residents and your staff who need to be able to do their job without injuring themselves.

The Bathroom Can Be a Very Dangerous Room

Running a care home facility means you know just how dangerous bathrooms can be. They are often the room where slips, falls, and accidents occur which can result in minor and even more serious injuries to residents. Updating essential care home equipment for the bathroom should be seen as necessary. It’s such an important room that it’s worth assessing regularly to ensure you’ve taken all the safety measures possible.

Often the best spot to focus on is the bathing and shower equipment, as this can be the most challenging task for staff and the residents. Regardless of the equipment you choose, it needs to be safe to use, and durable and ensure that residents keep their dignity during the process.

High Tech Features Can Be Very Helpful

Technology has touched just about every industry out there and usually for the better. Care homes are no exception as technology has produced some very useful tools such as patient sensors and alarms. This technology should be top of the list in terms of medical supplies for nursing homes in 2023, as it can ensure that no patient/resident is overlooked even when staff are busy with others. 

While there are many items to look into, the nurse alert mat has to be among the most useful. These can be placed at a resident’s bedside, so if they should fall or slip out of bed, it will alert the nurse on duty.

Keeping the Care Home Safe and Comfortable for All

Each of these equipment categories is well worth assessing your current inventory so that you can determine where updates and upgrades need to be made in 2023. The safety and comfort of your residents and staff always need to be the top priority.