How can a lift chair enhance your mobility and comfort?

The market for chair lifts in the US is expected to register a CAGR of 7% over the forecast period 2021 to 2026. The factors such as the aging population, accompanied by an increase in instances of people facing challenges in mobility, have been driving the chair market’s growth in the US for the past few years. Statistics say that more than 46 million older adults age 65 and above live in the US. Moreover, in the next decade, the number of older adults is projected to increase by almost 18 million. This is evident that the market for chair lifts in St Michael, mn, will rise in the coming years.

Sometimes due to age, creaky joints, accidents, arthritis, or back problems, people face mobility issues that make it difficult to perform even daily activities. Even the simple everyday tasks of getting up from a chair or sitting down become a challenge. If you are also experiencing leg, hip, and back pain and find it difficult to get up, chair lifts make your life easier. These lift chairs are unique kinds of chairs that utilize strong and stable lifting mechanisms that allow them to be pushed and raised from the whole base of the ground.

These chairs are specifically designed to help older adults or individuals with limited mobility achieve a standing position and get around quickly. Lift chairs are available in various designs- two-positions, three-position, and infinite position. Each of the different categories of lift chairs comes with additional features.

  • Two-position lift chair: It doesn’t recline completely.
  • Three-position lift chair: It can recline fully, but often its footrest does not come with separate control, so it extends as the backrest reclines.
  • Infinite position lift chair: It comes with a separate footrest and allows you to adjust the backrest and a footrest at any point.

These chairs can offer you all of the benefits of a recliner plus a few more- check it out. These chairs are wide at their back often have a high seat with a big frame and padded arms to provide utmost comfort and support to the users. They may look like an ordinary executive chair but what makes them stand out is the comfort and flexibility they provide. Moreover, these chairs are even helpful when used with stairlifts and scooters. Hence, if you need a recliner that is affordable, dependable, and provides a luxury lounging experience, you should consider investing in these powerful chair lifts.

Personalize your comfort

Lift chairs are designed to be adjusted into many different positions to ensure that the user achieves maximum comfort as and when needed. Most of these chairs can go fully upright to reclined and rest anywhere in between fully.

Make you independent

People with limited range of motion often experience difficulty when trying to sit down and stand up and hence require another person for help. Lift chairs serve such people with a whole new level of independence with a simple touch of a button.

Perfect for a nap

Lift chairs, especially the infinite position chairs, offer a perfect napping surface. They can achieve a zero-gravity position that helps align the user’s spine, improve blood circulation and provide a perfectly horizontal position for a perfect nap.

Reduces strain when standing and sitting

Lift chairs have powerful motors that can lift the user to a near standing position and make getting up and out of the chair easier. This is the most crucial advantage of using support equipment like chair lifts in St Michael, mn. It helps reduce the strain caused when transitioning from a seated position to a standing one and vice versa.