Various aspects and uses of bicycles:

Use of bicycle in our daily life can help us in many ways by having a fit and healthy life. It gives us more strength than walking. Bicycles are also widely used for transportation purposes for covering a short distance. The use of bicycle reduces pollution, as it is an environmental friendly vehicle which does not consume any fuel or gas which runs by using man power. Cycling is done since many years by human beings for transportation, for exercise and for entertainment and relaxation purposes.

Healthier for women:

To make bicycle riding easy and comfortable for women and girls, special designs has been introduced in girls cycles to make them handle it with comfort. As cycling makes them relax, gives relief from stress and make them to stay healthier by preventing them from breast cancer, builds up their stamina and to build their immunity strength. By cycling, they can have a better sleep and even gives them vitamin D. 

Cycling for children: 

Cycling is the most loved and best entertaining game for children. They spend their time happily while riding bicycles. There is a wide variety of bicycle for kids have been introduced and a special and different design has been launched according to their taste which attracts them. As cycling helps children to gain bone strength and develop their cardiac and muscular activities and healthier for their heart and lungs growth. It also prevents them from overweight. Cycling develop the confidence and maintain good neighborhood relationship with their cycling friends.

Beneficial for men:

Men can develop their muscles and perform body building by cycling daily. It gives them strength, maintains their body fit and healthy and helps in controlling their weight. Cycling helps them to get relief from obesity and arthritis and even protects them from strokes and chances of heart attacks as cycling controls cardiac activities. By cycling, one uses almost all the major part of the muscles, which help in increasing their stamina thereby maintain the aerobic fitness of the body. It helps them to get relief from their daily life stress and keeps their mind calm and free from depression.

Some other advantages of using bicycles: 

Cycling helps in reducing air pollution, noise and land pollution. Even parking of cycle does not require large space as in case of cars. It is a bio friendly vehicle which does not emit any pollutants. It even prevents from heavy injuries and accidents. Cycling is a positive addiction in which a person spends his time usefully and even developing personal values and free from anxiety and have a peace of mind. The production of bicycle is also comparatively less costly and requires fewer materials to be built. Cycle travelling reduces traffic jam and can reach the destination soon during the peak time of an hour.

Bottom lines: 

Cycling is beneficial to humans in various ways as it helps themselves to have relaxation sensation from their daily busy day schedules. It is also an eco-friendly activity which does not cause any harm to the surrounding environments. Cycling is also done for riding on mountains and hills to have natural travel experiences.