How do beard growth products work?

Beard growth products work if they are clinically proven effective. A great example of a composition of such products is the beard growth kit. This beard growth kit encourages beard growth in several ways to stimulate beard growth in a healthy way

How does beard growth work?

Experiencing beard growth is something normal for a man. Some people grow a full beard at a young age and other people a lesser beard. Scientifically research proves that this has something to do with testosterone. The more testosterone in your body the more your beard starts to grow. In puberty, many people start to see their beard grow and later on in life when the testosterone level decreases the beard will grow less quickly. You can stimulate beard growth by activating beard hairs, stimulating blood circulation, improving skin condition and providing it with healthy ingredients.

What is a beard growth kit?

A beard growth kit is a combination of products that are effective for beard growth. These often include a beard roller and an oil or serum. You could use these products also individually but for the best results that is not advisable. This is because the combination of a roller and serum provides a much stronger absorption of the serum into the skin and blood circulation is better stimulated this way. Which activates the beard follicles more effectively.

Effective ingredients for beard growth

The mechanisms that promote beard growth are difficult to understand. Therefore, it is important to use only scientifically based ingredients in your beard growth treatment. The best hair growth stimulator is Neoxyl which is a hair growth complex that contains three active molecules, namely Adenosine, Vividine and Aminexil.

  • Adenosine: according to scientific research Adenosine can help against a decrease in hair loss and helps to promote scalp hair growth.
  • Vividine: enhances beard growth in various ways it stimulates potassium channel opening. Which ensures that hair enters the growth phase faster and that this phase lastst longer. It has a positive effect on the blood flow to the hair follicles, to allow nutrients to reach the hair follicles better. 
  • Aminexil: reduces hair loss by preventing the hardening of collagen around the hair root.   

Neoxyl compound also exists out of six clinically proven plant extracts namely, ecklonia cava, raspberry ketone, carthamus tinctorius, sanguisorba officinalis, ECGC and proanthocyanidin B2. We refer to Neofollics’ article about Neoxyl if you want to learn more.

How long does it take for your beard to grow?

There are different stages at which your beard grows. Using beard growth products is a great start for growing a fuller beard. After the first weeks of use, not much is visible except stubble and perhaps facial hair growth on the moustache and goatee areas or growth on the cheeks and neck. After a month and a half, larger hairs are visible. It is important not to trim at this stage but moisturise regularly. After four to six months, your beard needs more control and care to reach the final stage. In the final stage about 30 weeks after you started your beard is fully grown, only in this stage it makes sense to trim your beard the way you want it.