How To Grow High-CBD Marijuana Strains?

CBD is one of the most abundant ingredients found in Marijuana, apart from THC. CBD ensures an intoxicating effect among the users with a lenient use, whereas THC causes a high psychoactive effect among its users.  

Researchers are still working on CBD, but some researchers have confirmed the considerable amounts of molecular pathways used by CBD to operate. CBD acts through several receptor-independent channels and triggers the different receptors in the brain, such as serotonin. 

In today’s world, CBD is considered an effective solution to treat anxiety and inflammation issues due to its strong anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. It is used as a medication for people with epilepsy and Dravet syndrome. 

Given the medical benefits along with the enormous amount of information available on Marijuana, it has become common to see people trying to grow high-bred CBD marijuana strains. If you once learn, understand, and excel in growing CBD strains, you will be saving a small fortune by alleviating the need to buy expensive CBD oil and extracts from the market. 

In this comprehensive guide, we have discussed and taken suggestions from top cannabis seed company i49 about CBD strains. We have outlined how to grow high-CBD marijuana strains for your personal use without much hassle. So, follow till the end. 

High-CBD Marijuana Strains: Knowing The Genetics


Cannabis plants cannot produce more than what is genetically possible. It is next to impossible to convert a high-THC strain such as Strawberry Cough into something like ACDC possessing a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio. A seed is capable of producing different phenotypes in cannabis production until and unless it is a clone. It is possible for two offspring to have different genetic features, even if they are from the same marijuana plant. 

If you try to grow a plant with high CBD from seed with Cannatonic, the chances of increasing the high-CBD plant are less than 75%. According to the United Seeds Bank, there is only a possibility for 50% of the plants grown from seeds to have the CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. An estimated 25% of the plants will be high-THC, while the others will be having a ratio of either 2:1 or 20:1. 

Apart from using clones to produce high-CBD strains, you can talk to different breeders in order to know about the possible phenotypes to develop from the strain. It is highly frustrating to discover that the crops which had the potential to become rich in CBD are actually laden with THC.

High-CBD Marijuana Strains: Early Testing


If you want to grow high CBD marijuana from seed, you should get the samples tested from a good lab at a time when the plants are still young. It is good to get the samples tested 3-4 weeks after the seedlings come out of the soil. In this way, the CBD-rich plants will be identified even before they begin to flower.

The nodes of the cannabis plants are to be taken as the sample in order to conduct the test. You should dry the plants before the samples are sent to the lab for testing. By doing so, you can ensure to take cuttings from the CBD-rich plants for immediately growing the plants to be fully mature.

If you are unable to get the samples tested, you will have to wait until the plants begin to bear flowers. At this stage, there is no other option except for consuming it in order to determine if the plants are psychoactive or not. The plants are definitely rich in THC if you feel strikingly stoned.

High-CBD Strains: How The Growing Process Affects It

Although you can’t make your plant produce more CBD than its original potential, you can ensure to make it produce the maximum amount that it is capable of producing. Researchers have discovered certain specific conditions that aid the growth of plants rich in CBD.

After selecting seeds with proper genetics, you need to make sure that the seeds are planted in soil that is warm 5 cm down approximately. Furthermore, the CBD content of hemp exposed to high participation was low. The room temperature for the growth of the plants needs to be somewhere between 68 and 70 Fahrenheit.

Also, you need to be very careful when it comes to watering the plants.   

High CBD Strains: 3 Strains To Grow Indoors


CBD strains can be grown for medicinal purposes, but you must ensure to check your state’s law before going ahead with any sort of cultivation as it might be illegal. Your electricity bills might increase, but it will hardly be an offset because you will save a lot by no longer buying Marijuana from the dispensaries. 

The quantity of CBD that you will grow will be dependent on various factors such as the type of strain, the amount of lighting, and other conditions. However, it is assumed that you are likely to get one gram of weed for every watt of light you will use for the purpose. 

In case you use a 300W bulb, you will be able to get 300g of Marijuana. The cost of growing Marijuana is relatively less if compared to the worth of weed you will obtain. 

Here are three high-CBD that home breeders can grow:

1. CBD Blue Sharkxhigh-cbd_strains_how_the_growing_process_affects_it

This is a mild strain as it contains a CBD to THC ratio of 1:1. Moreover, the hybrid is indica-dominant, which will make you feel calm and relaxed. It is commonly used for treating arthritis and fibromyalgia. The strain has a flowering time of only 65 days which makes it easy to grow indoors. The strain approximately produces 550g for every square meter of flowers. 

2. CBD Critical Cure

This is also a mild strain with a CBD content of 7% approximately and a THC content of up to 11%. The hybrid is dominant in indica as well and causes drowsiness which helps in relieving physical pain. It is commonly used to treat inflammation, acute pain, and even depression. It has a concise flowering period of 55 days and produces 600g of Marijuana for each meter square. 

3. CBD Kush

This is mostly balanced in an even manner with a perfect 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. However, some strains contain only 1% THC for 7% CBD. It is popularly used by patients with high anxiety and stress and muscle spasms. The 60 cm height of the plants makes them appropriate for indoor growing. It requires a maximum of 75 days to grow and offers 400g of Marijuana for every meter square.   

Final Thoughts: How To Grow High-CBD Marijuana Strains


The trick for growing Marijuana with high CBD content at home is to figure out which strain produces more cannabidiol than THC. After identifying the strain with the required genetics, you need to ensure that you select clones and not seeds in an attempt to avoid any kind of guesswork in the future. 

The plants should be grown in high temperatures, and overwatering the plants is a big no. In the end, you will be able to grow good quality marijuana for medicinal purposes and save money that would have been otherwise spent for buying Marijuana from the medical stores.