Tips on accelerating the recovery process after testing covid positive


The recovery phase can be highly exhaustive for COVID-19 patients. The infection can leave a trail of lasting health damage if one does not follow a tailored diagnosis. While many patients suffer mild symptoms, some go through severe complications. However, doctors suggest home isolation and medication to recover from this infectious disease. Apart from the necessary treatment, patients who have tested positive after the Covid test Gurgaon can follow a few health tips to accelerate their recovery. 

The post-COVID syndrome, as termed by the scientists, can last for weeks or months. Patients need to undergo a systematic recovery plan to combat the after-effects of the infection. Also, it is essential to take a Covid test after 14 days of isolation. To book a home collection service, click here

Productive Tips To Expedite The Post-COVID Recovery Process 

Health experts and COVID-19 specialists suggest making some basic lifestyle changes to accelerate the recovery process for patients who have tested positive for the Covid test Gurgaon. For staging complete recovery, follow these productive tips. 

Essential Dietary Changes

A few dietary changes are mandatory for patients if they wish for a speedy recovery. Here are a few doctor-recommended tips. 

  • Eat fresh, homemade and unprocessed foods only. Use less oil and spices in all the food preparations to ensure a healthy diet. 
  • Limit the intake of cold or caffeinated beverages. 
  • Consume 3-4 litres of water or at least 2-2.5 litres if one is also consuming fruit juices. 
  • Eat healthy fats, like fish, nuts, olive oil, etc. 

Consume Immunity-Boosting Foods 

Food items that contain immunity-boosting nutrients are a must-have for COVID-19 patients. Vitamin A, C, D, E, B-6 and zinc are the major micronutrients that patients should consume even in the post-recovery stage. Dry fruits and nuts, citrus fruits, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, poultry, avocado, and peanuts are some of the items that fall under this category. 

Physical Health Rehabilitation

All the symptoms and side effects of testing positive for the Covid test Gurgaon can take a toll on one’s physical health and strength. Patients must avoid laying on the bed 24×7 during isolation. Restoration of physical health is possible by performing yoga and simple exercises. 

Mental Health Recovery

The minimum isolation period is 10-14 days, as suggested by the doctors. This span can increase if patients still have prominent symptoms of the virus. Patients get mentally exhausted staying alone for all this time. Therefore, it is essential to engage in some recreational activities to combat the side effects. 

Follow A Three-Phased Program 

Adopting a three-phased program for physical health recovery can benefit you in the long run. The stages are divided as:

  • Beginning Phase: Follow basic and mild techniques to practice regular breathing and body movements. 
  • Building Phase: Increase the intensity and duration of exercises and perform 10-minutes of cardio. 
  • Being Phase: Shift to exercises that can be a part of the daily routine. Increase cardio time to 30 minutes. 

Pulmonary Recovery 

As we know, the Coronavirus mostly affects the lungs, leaving a damaging impact. Patients must focus on pulmonary recovery. Quit smoking and perform a few respiratory exercises and techniques to strengthen the lungs. 

Practise Hygienic Habits 

It is vital to practise all the hygiene habits listed by the WHO after recovering from the COVID-19 infection. Maintain social distancing, wear gloves and masks, use sanitisers frequently, and disinfect regularly used objects.

All these tips and healthy habits will speed up the recovery process post a positive Covid test Gurgaon. Patients must take immense care to stage complete recovery from the passive impact of this infection. It may be a long-haul procedure, but patients need to bounce back to normalcy to lead a healthy life.