When do you actually need to visit an IVF Specialist?

Infertility is a common word that is used to denote any living things that can’t produce their young ones. It is not an exception for human races, the inability of a couple to conceive and reproduce can also be denoted with this word. Infertility can be caused by either the male or the female disability to conceive a child. In the olden days, it is often thought that the disability with women would be the only reason for them to have a child. But with the advancement in the medical science, this has been proven wrong and both of them can have problems that need to be treated to conceive a child. Here we will discuss the situations when you need to visit an IVF clinic in Delhi to proceed with your treatment process.

Female infertility

When it comes to infertility in women, there may be several reasons causing from a damaged fallopian type, to the egg growth, some of the problems you have so that you need to visit a specialist are


When you crossed 30th and you still didn’t conceive after more than 5 to 10 years of marriage then you have to visit the doctor. There might be a reason for you to have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed for you to conceive a baby. It is always advisable to visit a fertility doctor in Delhi to proceed with the treatment process.

Disorders of ovulation

About 25 per cent of female infertility problems are becoming of the ovulation. Several tests can be used to determine whether ovulation is occurring on a regular basis. This can be identified using a urine test or the variation in the body temperature. Progesterone levels in the blood can be measured by the fertility clinic in Delhi to determine the issue.

Damage of the fallopian tubes

Blockage on the fallopian tubes is a problem in which the path way for the sperm to enter the egg is completely closed. One of the conditions which lead to the disease are pelvic inflammatory disease, usually, a traditional test for evaluating the patency of the fallopian tubes is a radiological exam called hysterosalpingography. 


Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus will become thick and grows outside the uterine cavity. Common symptoms are having cramps and sever bleeding on the menstruation timings.

Male infertility

The causes of male infertility according to the ivf centre in delhi are sperm production, blockage of the sperm-delivery system, testicular injury, anatomic abnormalities, the presence of antibodies against sperm, and the presence of a varicose vein around the testicle this will affect sperm production.

A sperm count which is less than 20 million is usually considered low and this condition is known as oligospermia. Another case is that the absence of spermatozoa in the ejaculate, which is known as azoospermia.

Sperm concentrations should be off 20 million to 250 million per cubic centimeter, when the count is less than this number you have to visit the ivf doctor in Delhi ncr. As like the women fertility problem, men also have the same age factor for low sperm production.