Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Even after undergoing surgery for weight loss in Arizona, you may still appear fat or chubby. That’s because surgery for weight loss is focused on weight loss, not on fat loss. Now you might be wondering, are the two things weight loss and fat loss different? So the answer is yes, they are. Let’s further discuss the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

Weight Loss is defined as the overall decrease in body weight from muscle and water to fat losses. On the other hand, fat loss refers to the weight you lost from your fat and is a more specific healthful goal when compared to weight loss.

The Main Differences Between Weight Loss & Fat Loss

As we mentioned earlier, weight loss is a decrease in the overall body weight. In simple words, it is simply the loss of overall body weight. However, fat loss is the reduction in body fat. It is the thing that most people won’t actually achieve because we should be more specific about our macronutrient intake instead of fat intake.

Ways To Measure Weight Loss & Fat Loss

We can very easily measure weight loss through different weighing scales that tell us our weight. You can compare your current weight from your previous weight to check whether you have lost weight or not. On the other hand, body fats can be measured or calculated with the help of anthropometric measurements. Also, you can use a skinfold caliper to monitor your fat loss.

Why Focus on Fat Loss Instead of Weight Loss?

Many weight loss programs claim to help individuals lose weight very quickly and easily. But you need to realize that the weight you are shedding might include water and muscle losses. This can be quite drastic for your health because muscle is a strong component of your health. Therefore when you focus more on fat loss, it can help you maintain a higher fat to muscle ratio. When you maintain a healthy muscle mass, you also reduce your risk of age-related health issues.

In conclusion, we can say that individuals should prioritize fat loss instead of weight loss. You should be more focused on taking a high number of proteins, exercising, and restricting your calorie count. All these changes will help you achieve your weight loss goal and your fat loss goal. Also, before undergoing any bariatric procedure, do consult your insurance company. Is weight loss surgery covered by insurance or not?

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